Selling counterfeit handbags is illegal. Protect yourself.

In a Fashionista article, the International Trademark Association declared $460 billion worth of counterfeit goods were bought and sold last year. Counterfeit handbags, known as “super fakes” or “Triple-A Fakes,” mostly sell online. The article reveals, “In earlier generations of fakes, one could simply look at the color of a leather handle, the type of metal used for the hardware or the lining and know instantly that it was counterfeit. Now that you can find knockoffs made with the same, or nearly identical, materials, as the real thing, that process has to be much more complicated and nuanced.”

This post is guest authored by Deanna Thompson, Customer Success & Evangelist of Entrupy

My, what a nice ex-boyfriend you had!

The stories people tell when trying to sell or consign a luxury handbag run everywhere. “My boyfriend bought it for me, but we broke up.” “It was my grandmothers and she only carried authentic bags.” Even when a receipt, box and dustbag are present, there is no guarantee the bag is authentic. With the holiday season upon us, counterfeiters are banking on your lack of authentication knowledge to increase their sales. Plus, well-meaning consignors may unknowingly try to consign a counterfeit bag. If you are utilizing Entrupy, however, it will be Happy Holidays for all!

How are you authenticating?

Entrupy protects you from selling counterfeit handbagsLuxury branded handbags are one of the biggest sources of revenue for a consignment store. Knowing the difference between authentic and fake can mean hundreds or thousands of dollars. Imagine if a potential customer brings you a gorgeous Chanel flap bag which could net you at least a $1,000. Are you going to turn it away because you’re not sure? Are you going to accept it on consignment and spend the next 5 hours on Google trying to authenticate yourself? Or, take photos, email them to an online authentication company and hope they know what they are doing? Sometimes, you can wait anxiously for 2-3 days before receiving a response. Spending hours trying to authenticate a bag is no longer an option.

Bringing authentication in house is key to growth

Turning money away was never in your business plan and it shouldn’t be now. But, if you’re unfamiliar with certain luxury brands or styles, you really didn’t have an option, until now. By utilizing Entrupy to authenticate luxury handbags and small accessories, you now have control of the authentication process. Luckily, you will know in minutes if an item is authentic or not. This will not only free up your time but more importantly, by including a Certificate of Authenticity from Entrupy, those bags are going to sell faster and for more money.

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Entrupy’s recent partnership with SimpleConsign

Recently, Entrupy launched a partnership with SimpleConsign. We’re pleased to offer our authentication device for SimpleConsign users at a 50% discounted set-up fee. This new partnership will allow you to grow your luxury footprint. With Entrupy, your store becomes the only place in your community to sell technology-driven authenticated luxury handbags and accessories. In addition, by offering authentication as a service, you create a new revenue stream for your business.

Benefits of Entrupy

  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • No contracts or commitments
  • Flexible monthly and yearly subscription plans
  • Authentication time: 4-6 minutes
  • Responses received: 60 seconds to 60 minutes
  • Financial guarantee on all authentication certificates produced
  • Print, text or email certificates
  • Hold free authentication events to drive business in to your store

Learn more about this unique partnership at: SimpleConsign Partners