How to host a fun DIY class for your consignment winter clearance

January 17, 2018

Consignment winter clearance has never been this fun!

Okay, I really do want to challenge someone out there to do this. Personally, I don’t have the nerve to cut into one of my old sweaters. It’s not because they’re worth something, but because I wouldn’t have a clue what to do next. But I see all of these adorable winter sweater crafts and it got me thinking, “I’d go to your dead-of-winter-end-of-February-get-rid-of-all-those-sweaters DIY class if there was one near me.” So the challenge is on. Is anyone willing to host a winter DIY sweater-cutting party as part of your consignment winter clearance? If you do, I’d love to feature your store and the event in a special blog post! Hey, I’d even buy the snacks for the party!

The ideas are endless

  1. Sweaters into wreaths
  2.  into candle cozies
  3.  into mittens
  4.  or hats
  5. or coffee cup cozies and coffee mug coasters
  6. maybe pillow covers
  7. possibly boot toppers
  8. sweaters into leg warmers
  9. or little girl’s jumpers
  10. maybe into headbands
  11. or baby booties
  12. make wine bottle sweater gift bags
  13. even pot holders
  14. jewelry made out of sweaters
  15. and stuffed animals
  16. possibly pet beds
  17. or lamp shades
  18. and on and on

A perfect opportunity to partner up

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an exciting post (yes, I know. they’re all so exciting) titled, How consignment stores can learn from retail in 2018One of the actions retail is currently taking to hold back the Amazon wave is to partner up with other retailers. This consignment winter clearance event would be an excellent way to begin that relationship. Let’s say you’re a furniture store with lots of room, but no sweaters. Hustle over to your nearest clothing consignment shop and work a deal. Perhaps you have a truck load of sweaters to unleash scissors on, but don’t have anyone qualified to teach the class. See if another women’s consignment shop does. Go on. Working together will NOT kill your business.

The Party

Pick a chilly night or late afternoon. Make sure you have an abundance of work space so workers aren’t crowded like sardines. Charge a fee for the class that will include the sweater (or even sweatshirt, for that matter) of their choice, whatever is needed to complete the project in one sitting and a healthy dose of beverages and snacks. Make sure you have enough sharp scissors on hand for everyone to use. (I recommend putting an age limit on your classes for that very reason.) Create a cozy, well-lit area that is incredibly inviting. Include some aromatherapy and bathe the room in pine tree and cinnamon.

The Projects

As you can see from the list above, you could do some serious consignment winter clearance damage with the list of project possibilities. Be sure you pick ones that are complimentary to your business. If you’re a furniture consignment shop, make pillows, coffee mug cozies or wreaths. If you specialize in children’s wear, make stuffed animals, booties or headbands. Of course, the skies the limit for women’s and men’s clothing consignment stores. Perhaps you’d rather pick a cause and invite the community in to help you make a difference. Sweater pet beds would be a boon to your local animal shelter. Mittens would be wonderful for a homeless shelter or baby blankets for a crisis pregnancy center. If you do chose a community project let your local media know that you (and another local shop) and the community are working together to make a difference.

Here’s just a few more ideas


27 Things You Can Make With An Old Sweater!

More ideas

I’m serious about my offer

If your store is really considering hosting a DIY sweater-making-something class, I would love to feature it in a blog post. Plus, I really will purchase the snacks for your event. Just be the first shop to email me with the date and type of event you’re hosting and we’ll work out the snack details.


Happy consignment winter clearance!


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