How to choose your consignment store’s name

November 8, 2019

Choose your consignment store’s name carefully

I took one psychology course in college. The professor, either because of his age or his importance, never actually showed up to class. He videotaped all of his lectures. Interestingly, the only thing I remember was how he pronounced the word “déjà vu.” In typical Midwestern fashion, it sounded like “dee jah view,” meaning seen already. Sound familiar? Many consignment stores have used it to name their businesses. Take these steps before choosing your consignment store’s name. It will make a difference.

Step 1. The KISS Rule

Your consignment store’s name should always be short, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce. Follow the KISS Rule. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Step 2. Communicate a message

Choose a name that tells people who you are and what you do. Make sure your name fits the type of store you’re opening. Think of your overall brand. If you’re opening a high-end consignment store, don’t name it “Betty’s Used Stuff.” Conversely, don’t use words like “curated” or “boutique” if you’re selling a wide variety of easy-to-afford merchandise.

Step 3. Is the Domain Name available?

Your domain name is your website address. Unfortunately, many common domain names have already been taken. Keep searching to find one that suits your business. A good place to start is Just type in the name you’re considering and see if it’s available.

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Step 4. Is your consignment store’s name being used in your state?

Obviously, research is a major part of choosing your consignment store’s name. Check with your state’s Secretary of State office to see if your name is listed. Although the store may not be in your same city, it can still add to confusion online.

Step 5. Test your name

It’s always good to get feedback on your name choice from family, friends, and even strangers. Have 3 to 5 ideas and see what they like best. Ask them why and if they have an idea of what you will be selling.

Step 6. Think of your future

Your consignment store’s name should comfortably fit you for 2, 5, 10, or even 20 years down the road. Something that’s relevant and a bit edgy today may not even make sense down the road. Think beyond opening day. Consider where you want to be.

Step 7. Take the SCRATCH Test

Alexandra Watkins, author of Hello My Name Is Awesome: How To Create Brand Names That Stick, invented the SCRATCH test. These are considered the 7 Deadly Sins to Avoid When Creating a Brand Name. S = Spelling-challenged. C = Copycat. R = Restrictive. A = Annoying. T = Tame. C = Curse of Knowledge. H = Hard to Pronounce. Read the article to find out more about each.

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