How to create the consignment store “target effect”

October 11, 2018

The “target effect” is real. Create it in your store today.

The Urban Dictionary defines the target effect as, “The result of going into a store, intending to buy a few things, and leaving with much more. Frequently happens while shopping at Target.” Admit it. It’s happened to you. You’ve gone into Target for toilet paper and come out with a dozen other just-couldn’t-resist items. I am guilty. You too can create the consignment store target effect. All it takes is a little design strategy.

A refreshing entry

Why do you think so many Target stores now have a Starbucks located at the front door? You will happily wander the aisles lingering over your frappuccino, that’s why. And, if there isn’t a premiere coffee shop up front, you’ll enjoy some other treat while shopping. The holidays are the perfect time to add a little of this consignment store target effect. Although a little extra cleanup at the end of the day might be required, delight you shoppers with a beverage as they come in. Depending on your location, choose hot apple cider or hot tea and coffee. You can even choose something a little more elegant like champagne.

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Light, bright and airy

Shoppers fill their carts with the consignment store target effectTarget stores are always well-lit and loaded with bright colors. The goal is to make shoppers feel happy. The aisles are wide, the shelves are full but not stuffed and everywhere you look, the colors pop. Part of your consignment store target effect should include the same. Curate your merchandise so that it’s easily within reach. Make sure your aisles are open and definitely avoid the “butt-brush” effect. Use the best store design layout for your space. Read Consignment store design that gets those shoppers buying. Use pops of color throughout your store to draw the eye.

Cross-merchandising for the win

Joe Perdew, Target’s Vice President of Store Design, says Target has “added features like dynamic product vignettes throughout the store that help guests envision how things will fit into their life.” In other words, like Walmart, put the band-aids next to the fishing hooks. People don’t add to their purchase until they see something they didn’t realize they needed to go with it. Help your customers visualize that complete living room or complete outfit by showing them what they need. Build your consignment store target effect by displaying brand new merchandise up front and center. Items on tables sell faster than items on racks.

In Target’s own words

In response to the target effect, the store has this to say, “Our in-store shopping experience facilitates a sense of inspiration and discovery through visual merchandising and curated product collections, while still making it easy for guests who want to stop in for a quick trip.” Obviously, Target has the funds to hire top-notch designers. They have the ability to test design and product presentation in their Minneapolis test store. Plus, they are currently remodeling over 1,000 of their US locations. But, you have the ability to make those small changes to create your own consignment store target effect. If you don’t show your shoppers what they need, they won’t know they need it.  It’s really that simple.


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