My extended family is taking a much-needed vacation this month. Literally, we’re counting the weeks and days. Family texts scream, “I need a break!” How about you? Consignment store owners need to stop, regroup and get a new perspective now and then. If words like refresh, renew and restore sound heavenly, then August is your month. Now’s the time to take the time (before the 4th quarter crazies) to do something nice for yourself.

The Society of Happy People (SOHP)

Yes, there is a Society of Happy People. Founded in 1998, it’s designed to celebrate happiness. Beginning with Admit You’re Happy Day on August 8, 1999, the celebration expanded to the entire month of August. In addition to joining a Happy Group, you can receive weekly happier@work emails to encourage your team too. It’s all about choosing to be happy and letting others know it. 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Happiness Happens Month!

Finding happiness for consignment store owners

Be thankful, grateful and blessed consignment store ownersThe day to day duties of consignment store owners are tedious and exhausting. Dealing with consignors, customers and employees can wear you out. For whatever reason, people today feel entitled to say and do anything. You need to give yourself a break. Whether you take August 8th off or choose to do something else, here are some ways you can take care of you.

  1. Schedule a holiday for yourself on your calendar. Often, we say we’ll take time off, but life gets in the way. By scheduling your “me” time, you’ll view it as a necessary event.
  2. What is it that truly makes you happy? Painting, writing, listening to music, reading and exercise are all wonderful ways to find happiness. In How to beat the resale business owner blues, I list 3 ways to cope with the stress. The strength of your business rests in the strength of its owner so build yourself back up by doing something you love.
  3. Believe it or not, volunteering can make you happy. It’s a proven fact that volunteering to help others improves the health of the volunteer. According to HelpGuide, volunteering helps to counteract the effects of stress and anxiety. Choose a charity you believe in. Do you love animals? Volunteer at your local humane society. Do you have a passion for senior citizens? Take time to listen to someone in a retirement facility. There are so many opportunities.
  4. Take the 31 Days of Happiness Challenge. Pinterest is loaded with happiness challenges. Every day you’re encouraged to do a simple task that increases happiness. Consider “Do a random act of kindness,” “Wear your favorite color” or “Bake cookies” as possible challenges. Create your own calendar out of all of the suggestions you find.
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Happiness is ultimately a choice

Happiness is a choice. It’s your choice. As a consignment store owner, you can choose to wallow in the frustrations of owning a small business or you can delight in the opportunity. Our happiness should not be dictated by our circumstances. Happiness is a state of mind. Don’t let life or exhaustion or people rob you of your happiness. Take the time. Make the effort. Find joy. More than anything, smile while you still have teeth!