6 tips for consignment shop spring cleaning

March 9, 2017

This article has been updated and reprinted from 2017

Consignment shop spring cleaning means sweeping out the old and bringing in the new

A good consignment shop spring cleaning is more than just picking up a bucket and a mop. There are many ways you can revitalize your shop for the season.

1.) Clean out your old merchandise

Not only is spring cleaning something you hope your consignors will do, but consignment shop spring cleaning is essential too. When the air warms and the flowers bloom, no one wants to look at drab colors and heavy woolens. Now’s the time to have that much-needed consignment inventory reduction sale. Or, consider making a wonderful donation of seasonal and outdated items.

2.) Straighten your sales staff

Now that the holiday crunch is behind you, focus on staff clean up. Your shop may have grown to the point that you need to add full-time rather than part-time only employees. Are each of your employees dedicated to your vision? Are they excited to move forward with your business? Do they see themselves having a future with you? If not, some fresh faces may be just what your shop needs to add excitement, new ideas and energy. Make sure all employee records are up to date. Get correct addresses, cell numbers and emergency phone numbers on file. This is also the time to offer some new incentive programs for the coming year.

Brush up on your skills as part of your consignment shop spring cleaning3.) Brush up on your industry

Bob Negen from WhizBang Training suggests that spring cleaning your shop includes sweeping the cobwebs from your brain too. The best medicine may be to take a day off and pamper yourself. Get some fresh ideas for shop design, marketing or employee training by reading the latest books or attending workshops. Our “Raising the Resale Bar” blog has a wealth of great articles and information. Choose a topic you’re most interested in. We also recommend attending the annual National Association of Resale Professionals (NARTS) conference. This year, it will be held in Columbus, OH in late June. It’s a great way to learn about changes in the industry and make important connections with others.

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4.) Wipe away outdated policies

Consignment shop spring cleaning also involves reviewing a variety of policies. When was the last time you looked at your original business plan? Reviewing and tweaking your business plan might give you a renewed excitement for the future of your shop. This is also a perfect time to update your procedures. For some ideas on your intake procedure, read Tweaking your Acceptance Policy. Take a closer look at your POS system too. Is it meeting your needs? If not, we encourage you to sign up for your 15-day free trial of SimpleConsign. Do you have an employee training manual? If not, consider creating one and be sure to add a thorough disaster recovery plan too.

5.) Refresh your shop’s design

empty bucket for spring cleaning your shopSpring is the perfect time to change the look, feel and smell of your shop from the inside out. Think outside of the box by making better use of your ceiling space. Rearrange rounders, shelving and racks to give a whole new feel to your environment. Consider painting at least one wall a new, bold color. Look at your shop the way your customers see it. Is the carpet old and frayed? Now’s the time to replace it. What about your store’s lighting? This is a great time to change fixtures. Consider adding a fragrance using plug ins from Bath & Body Works. They have an endless array of scents like Fresh Linen or Pure White Cotton that can add a touch of Spring freshness to the air.

6.) Scrub up with a bucket and mop

Okay, let’s face it, spring cleaning your shop does involve picking up a mop and filling a bucket. Things just look and smell better with a good wipe down. Host a cleaning party with your staff. For your “Consignment Shop Spring Cleaning” party, give everyone crazy work gloves and colorful buckets. Make funny name tags such as “Scrubby Susan” or “Dusting Donna.” Play loud, fun music that everyone can sing and dance to. Include snacks or dinner. If possible, wash your shop’s walls especially in your dressing rooms and bathrooms. Remove any cobwebs and wipe off light fixtures. Check the door frames for fingerprints. Take a close look at your front door and windows. Does your main display window shine? Sweep in the corners and freshen up your cash wrap. Move clutter to your back office and make sure your entire staff knows the rules about keeping areas clean.


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