Who are the superheroes of the consignment industry?

December 9, 2016

The consignment industry superheroes

Every industry has specific businesses, organizations and individuals that champion their cause. The consignment industry has a few superheroes of its own. When you get a moment, take time to thank them for all they do.


The National Association of Resale Professionals (NARTS) has been in operation since 1984. Whenever you read statistics or quotes regarding the consignment industry, they’re usually from Adele Meyer the Executive Director of NARTS. This organization has worked tirelessly to encourage, support and improve the resale industry as a whole. For a nominal annual fee, you can become a member and gain a number of important benefits. For instance, you receive a monthly newsletter, are listed in their membership directory and have access to a variety of great resale resources. In addition, NARTS holds an annual conference where several hundred shops come together at one time for lectures, mentoring and networking.

  • The NARTS Board of Directors

There are 5 members on the NARTS Board of Directors. From the current President, Neil Abramson to the Immediate Past President and Director, Bonnie Kallenberg, these men and women regularly advocate for the consignment industry as well as work in their own resale businesses. Knowing them personally and the work they do, I’m amazed at the amount of energy required to fulfill both jobs. We should be grateful for the leadership they afford us.

  • Auntie Kate – The Resale Expert

Kate Holmes of Too Good to Be Threw publishes a regular blog specifically for consignment and resale shops. Plus, Auntie Kate has written a number of publications on everything from an operations manual to merchandising and selling to pricing. In the business since 1975, she has been an invaluable source of information for the consignment industry and the resale business as a whole.

  • TheThriftShopper.com

Although any type of resale shop can belong to NARTS or benefit from Auntie Kate, thrift shops and thrift shoppers will enjoy thethriftshopper.com. This fun little site offers a thrift industry forum to share ideas. Plus, you can list your charity thrift shop in their national directory. They also offer a variety of other advertising opportunities.

  • Raising the Resale Bar

Although I would be stretching it to say that the weekly blog from Traxia is a “superhero” in the consignment industry, it is Traxia’s goal to educate and expand resale as a whole. Traxia offers a “Getting Started” Success Kit that details the steps to opening a consignment shop. There are a number of other resources as well, including “13 Questions to Ask Before Buying Consignment Software.”

If the resale and consignment industry is going to continue to grow, we’ve got to work together. Our businesses are unique and only we understand what it takes to deal with consignors, donors, customers, constantly fluctuating one-of-a-kind inventory and more. Take advantage of the resources available and don’t be afraid to reach out for help.


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