Consignment Shops around the World

March 29, 2019

Take a closer look at consignment shops around the world

There’s no denying it, resale is hotter than ever. Over the last few years, I’ve “toured” some of the many consignment shops around the world. Although they have the same basic concept…selling used goods, every country has a unique twist. Get your passports ready! We’ll travel from the Op Shops of Australia to the humorous auction-style of “Don Don Down on Wednesday” in Japan. I’ve updated each article with fresh information so off we go!

Japanese flag for consignment shops around the world

Consignment Shops – Japan

From flea markets on the streets of Tokyo to fun auction-style stores like “Don Don Down on Wednesday,” Japan is filled with fun resale places to explore. They range from a strictly American influence to something that would appeal to “the Lolita crowd” (I’m not really sure I want to know more about that). Shops in Japan are bursting with color, patterns and merchandise.

Time to stamp your passport and learn how Resale in Japan delivers crazy fun 


Consignment Shops around the world includes AustraliaConsignment Shops – Australia

At SimpleConsign, we’re excited to have wonderful customers from Australia and New Zealand. Although these countries have to have the scariest creatures on the planet, they also have some fun places to shop. Like other countries, Australia is recognizing their responsibility to reduce waste and not give in to fast-fashion desires.¬† As a result, Op Shops are popping up everywhere.

Put on your sand shoes (sneakers) and find out How they do resale in the Land Down Under

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consignment shops around the world include Hong Kong

Consignment Shops – Hong Kong

According to Closeteur, “there is much less of a pre-loved and vintage scene here (Hong Kong) than in Australia or the USA.” Nonetheless, the secondhand industry is thriving in Hong Kong. You’ll find every type, and limited real estate doesn’t stop their creativity. They’ve introduced The Cube Shop. The perfect way for even the smallest consignor to make money reselling items.

Prepare to fight the crowds because Consignment in Hong Kong is unbelievably creative.


consigning in the UK

Consignment Shops – Britain

Like America, the UK is filled with people who have too many clothes. As a result, they’re also brimming with resale shops. However, if you’re looking for a women’s clothing consignment shop, you’ll find them under a different name. Care to find out?

Let’s head across the pond because Consigning in the UK has a special name.


consignment in vietnam Consignment Shops РVietnam

With American names like Mayhem and So Vintage, it’s easy to see the influence the west has had on resale in the east. Like other countries, consignment offers families in Vietnam the chance for a healthy and in some cases, prosperous life.

Be prepared though, Consignment In Vietnam delivers one big surprise.


Consignment shops worldwide are growing in numbers. In every shop, workers are busily merchandising, sorting and pricing. All around the world, this incredible industry is helping families in need of extra income or inexpensive merchandise. Consignment provides shop owners an opportunity to open their business and at the same time, help the surrounding environment. Be sure, wherever you travel, to encourage and support a local resale shop.


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