How to make communication with sales intentional

March 6, 2015

Take a moment and realize your communication with sales needs to be a priority

Every now and then, my boss Joe will pop into my office and plop down in the chair across from my desk. I’ll look up with a curious expression and he’ll say, “I just came to find out how it’s going.” Then we’ll sit and brainstorm for a few minutes and he’s on his way. Those one on one meetings, as short as they may be, are extremely encouraging to me. Communication with sales needs to be a regular ongoing event, no matter how short or long each meeting becomes.

That 4 letter word …talk

Communication with sales on a regular basis is vital to your business. Sales meetings, team building, social activities and rewards for your entire team should become a habit for you as the owner / manager. In addition, meeting with each employee one on one also needs to be intentional. A simple 10 or 15 minute conversation is all it takes to let an employee know your expectations as well as receive feedback.

Why one on one?

Your life as the owner and most likely manager of a consignment / resale shop is filled with unbelievable responsibilities. The thought of adding one more purposeful activity to your already overloaded schedule can seem overwhelming. In an article addressing one on one meetings, Popforms writes, “…the power of regular one on ones is … that they are ongoing communication that happens in small doses. It’s a chance to give and get low-pressure feedback and communication on everything from personal goals to alignment on big picture priorities.” In short, a quick 1 to 1 meeting gives your employees the chance to be heard and feel a little more invested in your shop.

Although they suggest a weekly 30 minute meeting, Popforms states one on one meetings accomplish the following:

  1. Allow for ongoing performance correction
  2. Reduce the number of surprises since you’re consistently stating the goals
  3. Create relationships that foster trust

A couple of years ago, The Washington Post ran an article titled, “Boosting Employee Engagement.” The author wrote, “It can be as simple as scheduling 15 minutes to touch base before Friday to see how things are going.” By being purposeful about your time with your employees, you will automatically boost their engagement with your store.

The chat out

Retail Wire calls those brief end-of- day conversations with employees, Chat Outs. They insist a daily review with each individual salesperson is key. Here’s why:

  1. It adds an extra level of accountability
  2. It’s an important communications tool
  3. It’s a great opportunity to thank and praise an employee

Whether it’s a weekly 30 minutes, 15 minutes or a daily minute or two, make sure you’re communication with sales happens on a consistent basis. Every person on your staff wants to be heard and feel like they are contributing in more ways than just selling. Make time in your very busy schedule to meet with each one of them. Put it on the calendar so everyone has a sense of their importance to the success of your business.

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