3 Ways to Celebrate National Consignment Day 2021

National Consignment Day lands on October 4th this year. It lands on the first Monday of October every day. This holiday was established by none other than The Real Real in 2017. Ever since, this holiday has become the day to celebrate the circular economy, while we have more freedom this year, get creative on some ways to celebrate National Consignment Day 2021. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Social media

This is a day for everyone to come together. When The Real Real created this holiday, they created the hashtags #NeverThrowAway and #NationalConsignmentDay. Make posts to your Instagram showcasing anything consignment and use those hashtags, bringing attention to the day and putting your store in the spotlight.

2. Add more consignors

National Consignment Day is all about promoting sustainability. It’s the perfect opportunity to encourage people to consign their clothes at your store. Unfortunately, some people throw away items without giving it a second thought. This may be because they don’t realize they can make money from their clothes. Invite people to cosign their items at your store, and both parties will benefit from it. Set up a zoom or in-person appointment to meet your new consignors.

3. Donate

Everyone needs to donate, especially on National Consignment Day! Here are some ideas to help you encourage your community to donate and it all starts in your own shop.

  • When you reject an item, encourage that consignor to take that item to get donated.
  • Look around your shop for items that have been around for a while with no success. Donate those items!
  • You can make this an event.
    • Have people bring items to consign, and for everything that you can’t accept, ask the customer for permission to donate the item

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Growing Your Small Business in 2021 — The Essential Guide

It’s fair to say everyone suffered in 2020 but small businesses were not left out of the fun. We are in 2021 now and it’s time to move forward, we have already seen the worst. I want to talk about growing your small business in 2021 because this year we are relying on different aspects. Sure, the internet was always useful but there has never been a bigger need for online options. Online options can be Facebook live auctions, opening up an online shop, marketing with social media, and more. Most shops can get away with not doing much of this, especially in a town that is supportive. But it’s time to expand your horizons when growing your business in 2021 because we have gotten even more digital with recent events.

Form good relationships with your customers

When you own a business you need to focus on the relationships you can form with your customers. If you create meaningful relationships those people will be lifelong customers. I learned this in my days of working at a bank, we were always asked to use customer’s names such as “Would you like a receipt, Mr. Jones?”. We also had to memorize these names so that the next time they came in we could know their name right away. It was part of our service standards we had to meet. Customers really enjoy being recognized, it brings them joy which means they come in more often. Find ways that you can spark up conversations with customers to get to know them better, maybe even on a first-name basis. Not only will they come in more often but they also will market your shop by word-of-mouth.

Find your core demographic

Marketing is all about knowing your audience, in 2021 be sure to know what that core demographic is. Learn everything that you can about your customers, you can do this by using the data you have. Your data can be all of your past social media posts, your emails, and anything else that you can get feedback on. Your social media analytics also hold a lot of information about your demographic. I know it is tempting to appeal to more audiences but it will be more beneficial to focus on your demographic. It may seem counterproductive to not appeal to other audiences but if you are planning on growing your small business in 2021 I highly recommend doing this.

Use social media correctly

The ways that people find out about a new product lately is through social media ads, TV ads, worth-of-mouth, and search engines. It’s worth it to invest in paid social ads especially if your audience is likely to be on social media. In addition, get people to promote your shop. Having a contest that involves sharing your shop’s name on an Instagram story or post can get new people interested. If a contest isn’t what you’re interested in right now, you can find ways to entice people to follow your social media. Post frequently to the customer’s benefit, such as sales, new arrivals, updates, and anything else that seems fitting. Ask yourself why should they follow your page?

Instagram stories are huge for promoting shops, I always see people posting contests on their story. Although, I haven’t seen anyone win one. I’ve personally followed a lot of brands through stories. For this to work, you have to be active on Instagram, if you are trying to promote your shop but your page isn’t active your followers won’t gain much. Find the social media pages of businesses that you like or are similar to your shop and get some ideas from their posts. Ask questions on stories, create polls, and do anything to encourage some interaction.

Connect with customers on social media

Have you ever had a brand respond to you on a comment? It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? This goes back to creating a good relationship that works because the customer feels special. This is also effective for algorithm purposes. For example, Facebook’s algorithm will prioritize your post if you get a lot of comments. Add comments of your own to increase action on your post. You might also direct message customers to create a relationship. Such as following up, giving them an update, or anything that feels fitting for your relationship with that customer.

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Coming From the Younger Generation, This is How to Capture My Interest

It can feel impossible to figure out how to please a generation you aren’t a part of or don’t have much experience with. That’s why I’m here to tell you what the younger generation wants to see. As a part of this younger generation, I feel qualified to tell you a little bit about what we appreciate. I am a part of Generation Z, but I am still old enough to where I remember when the first iPhone came out. However, I don’t always understand ’90s babies references even though I was born in the ’90s. I feel like I’m in a weird area between Millennial and Gen Z, think of me as a middle child of the generations.

Encouraging the younger generations to shop consignment is important, mostly because we have seen a huge rise in fast fashion. Gen Z especially enjoys affordable clothing which makes them fall for cheap clothing easily. They are becoming aware of the negative side of that though, which means they are looking for alternatives. If you have a clothing consignment store, you have everything they are interested in but just don’t know it yet. You already have a common interest, roll with it. Aside from affordable clothing, here’s how to capture the attention of the younger generation.


The younger generation loves innovation, whatever the reason may be, they love fresh ideas. If your shop has any sort of new concept, they will be beyond interested. Find ways to make your shop stand out to the young generation. This could be an existing concept with your own twist. I’ve recently seen consignment boxes, you answer some questions and they send you a box of consigned items.  Even a photoshoot or modeling event would be fun. Think outside the box and try new things.


Be true to your shop’s mission, whether it is to give back to the community or change the mindest on consignment don’t let that go. Another way to be consistent is by always giving good service, make sure you have a friendly staff at all times. Rude staff can really damage the relationship with a new customer, especially if it happens more than once. Make it your mission to give the best customer service every time, even if it is only making small talk while checking out. Be consistent in everything you do, communicate with your audience to get feedback on everything.


Growing up with such fast shipping creates an impatient mind, it’s just easy to lose interest once a package takes weeks to deliver. Make sure your shipping is quick and keep the person updated on their tracking. You can also entice them to order online by offering a deal, such as free shipping after $50. Personalize the item that is shipped, write a thank you note, or throw in some stickers. Small details are sure to reach the heart of the young generation thus creating a long-term customer. Fast shipping has become very popular so be sure you have the best service when selling online and shipping.

Ethical businesses

The younger generation has become aware of many issues that surround us, this may be due to technology and the way we are connected to people all over the world. Either way, they are sure to love your consignment store for the contribution to the circular economy. Make sure t0 speak about the importance of consigning to educate all the generations. Use your platforms to do educate and remind people of the benefits of shopping consignment. Consider having events at your shop or through zoom to educate people, as well as having events to donate to local charities.


Personalized experiences are the best way to get loyal shoppers. I mentioned handwritten notes earlier which goes into personalization, but you can find other ways to do this. Such as following everyone back on social media, posting special deals only for those who follow your social media, etc. Listen to your audience and notice what your competitors are doing to give their customers a personalized experience. Here is a great source for ideas on personalizing shopping experiences.

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A Consignment Store’s Guide to Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is almost here, can you believe it? Time has been going so fast and it’s hard to catch up but don’t worry I’m here to guide you through it. Let’s start with the basics, first, there’s decoration. Decoration matters because it reminds people about Valentine’s Day which then urges them to shop for it. Then come the actual offers and deals. You will have two kinds of customers, as a clothing store you will have the customers looking for the perfect date night look or the perfect outfit for the V-Day event they are attending. The other kind of customer will be the partner shopping for their valentine. Both of these kinds of customers will need some direction so here is a consignment store’s guide to Valentine’s.

Window display for Valentine’s Day

A Consignment Store's Guide to Valentine's

I’ve talked about window displays before, they’re how you can attract customers that are just passing by. Create something that lets shoppers know they need to come into your shop for their Valentine’s Day gifts. Here are some color palettes to get some inspiration from. Be sure to print signs that promote any offers, deals, or sales you may have for V-Day.

Valentine’s Day Clothing

A Consignment Store's Guide to Valentine's

Gather all your items that fit Valentine’s Day vibe and place them together. Make shopping easy for those who need the perfect outfit for the day of love. Depending on what kind of shop you have, you can categorize it. Such as, place all dresses in the same area, separate them by occasion such as cocktail dress, gown, maxi dress, the list goes on and on. If you sell jewelry at your shop, bring attention to that section of your shop. After all, they will need the perfect accessory to finish off their look.

Gift wrapping

A Consignment Store's Guide to Valentine's

Many people will be searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for their SO, offer gift wrapping at your preferred cost to help them out. You can decide how much you want to charge for that if you choose to. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, as an example you can buy white tissue paper and red bags to create a simple gift bag. There are many affordable options out there, search around and find the bags you feel represent your shop perfectly.

Here are some free graphics you can share on your social media.

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The FAQs of Marketing During a Recession

As a consignment shop owner, the last eight months have likely been some of the toughest times you have faced during your career. Whether your business suffered from confusing health guidelines, or a botched SBA loan process, it likely has been a troubling time, to say the least. 

This current change that society is going through will not be temporary. Many things must change to adapt to the new times. One area of your business that likely will need to be refreshed will be your marketing efforts.

In short, overhauling your marketing strategy will take time and effort, but must be done if you want to remain relevant throughout the rest of this pandemic. Here are some of the FAQs of marketing during a recession.

Should I Cut Spending?

The short answer is no.

Usually, when something goes awry, shop owners look to cut their spending. Typically, when businesses begin to cut costs, the marketing budget is the first to dry up. However, recent studies show that cutting advertising during a recession can cause more harm than good.

It can be difficult to justify spending money on marketing while you may be losing money for a few months, the thing that people forget about, especially when times get tough, is that marketing drives long-term relationships with consumers.

If all of a sudden a room is a lot less crowded, it is easier to stand out. This scenario holds true when it comes to business as well. If your competitors are like the majority of people, they have already cut their marketing budgets, paving the way for you to have the loudest voice in the room.

Do remember that you may not be able to keep the business afloat all by yourself. A business loan can help free up other money your business has so you can continue to spend on marketing, as well as your other departments. 

Take the time to think about both the long-term and short-term impacts that your decisions will have on the business. The best business owner is able to see both the benefits of quick wins as well as help the business work towards a bigger goal. When times get tough, so must you.

Where Are My Customers?

Right now, due to COVID-19, there are more people than ever at home using their computers, phones, and other connected devices. Experts estimate that data usage is up 47% from the time when the pandemic started. 

Most business owners are probably thinking, “I already have an effective marketing strategy.” While this may be true, the digital landscape has just become more crowded. It is harder than ever to stand out amongst the competition. You can no longer just post a fun Instagram graphic and expect to gain followers.

To have an effective digital marketing plan you must have a multi-faceted approach that uses multiple distribution channels to assist in delivering your message. To effectively reach your consumers, you must utilize all different disciplines of digital marketing.

A few recommended areas of your digital strategy to address are:


  • Search Engine Optimization. SEO has become one of the most important areas of marketing in the new digital environment. Marketing experts agree that 25-35% of people click on the first organic search result on a Google search. As more consumers move online, being listed on the first page of a Google search for consignment or clothes will matter more and more.
  • Social Media Marketing. The current climate of the world makes social media marketing one of the best channels to market through. Social media marketing is a cost-effective way to tell a story, connect with your audience, and show you care. There was a 7-minute increase in the average time adults spend on social media daily during the pandemic. Experts estimate that this pandemic boost will last until 2021, so now is the perfect time to get online.
  • Web Design and Optimization. With online shopping on the rise, having an optimized eCommerce website will be imperative to your success. Invest in optimizing your website and storefront to ensure your customers keep coming back. Luckily, SimpleConsign’s Shopify plugin allows you to easily transfer your in-store inventory onto a powerful online storefront. Meeting your customers where they want to shop will be extremely important as stay-at-home orders continue to be enforced.

What Should I Say?

The best thing that businesses can do right now is to show compassion, but also communicate the value that they add to the surrounding community by being in business. 

Consumers will want to see that you, as a business owner, care more about the wellbeing of the general public than the success of your business. Putting yourself on the backburner and focusing on being a compassionate member of the community you serve will go a long way with your marketing tactics. Building a more human relationship with your customers will help nurture a healthy relationship that may not benefit your store now, but it will in the future. 

While people are looking for compassionate emotional content right now, people are also beginning to feel pandemic fatigue. Everywhere you look, there is COVID-19 content. If you are struggling to deal with the pandemic, it can feel inescapable. 

As a business owner, show that you care about the issues going on around you, but also, continue to advertise as you would. Deliver content that showcases the value you provide as a consignment shop owner. In other words, show off what makes your business unique. 

If you just invested in a new POS software, tell your customers. Got some new awesome inventory? Post it on your social media accounts! 

At the end of the day, your business will serve as an escape for your customers. Be the light in their day by providing compassionate, excellent service, and the marketing messaging will write itself.

3 Ways To “Pumpkin” Spice Up Your Consignment Store This Fall

It’s time to break out your most comfortable sweater and fall scented candle, autumn is here. Fall is an exciting time, the weather is changing, the leaves are turning red, and Halloween is right around the corner. With the arrival of a new season, everyone is ready to restock their closet with cardigans, sweaters, and boots. The New York Times‘s Penelope Green wrote the article “The Age of Consignment” highlighting the shortening life spans of items and speaking about the biggest names in consignment. We truly are in the age of consignment. With the rise of Facebook Marketplace and similar stores, consignment is now widely accepted.  The global pandemic also played a big part in this realization. This only means it is the perfect time to market on consignment. Here are 3 ways to “pumpkin” spice up your consignment store this fall.

#1 Spice up your consignment store this fall with sweater sales

We all love sweaters, whether they’re oversized or fit just right they are the ultimate fall piece. This fall, spice things up with sweater deals such as buy one get one half off. This deal gets me every time, I end up buying more because the deal urges me to seize the opportunity. Take a look at what your competition and surrounding shops are doing as well. You must know what you’re competing against to have a fair fight. Feel free to use this graphic we made!

Spice Up Your Consignment Store This Fall

#2 Spice up your consignment store this fall by encouraging consignment

The beauty of consignment is that every item is unique, not only that it is also fairly priced, unlike most popular stores. Your customers can still find trendy pieces for the fall at consignment shops and they won’t match every other girl or guy in town. This also gives the customer the opportunity to buy more with their money. Remind your customers that there is only one of everything, they can’t go home and think about it because it will be gone by the time they come back.

Spice Up Your Consignment Store This Fall

#3 Spice it up with fall decorations

As I was walking downtown during the weekend I caught myself being drawn to all the stores that decorated for fall in their big windows facing the street. This is such an easy way to attract people, like myself, who love the fall spirit. While you have the customer’s attention with your decor, promote your sales out there as well to complete the summoning of customers. You can find cute decorations anywhere you go, Walmart has many affordable options such as these plaid fabric pumpkins and fall maple leaf string lights that are sure to help your store look festive.

Spice Up Your Consignment Store This Fall

Save any images: right-click and select “save as.”

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Promoting Back to School Consignment Shopping

It is back to school time again, but this time we have a twist, COVID 19. When I was younger, the most exciting part about going back to school was always back to school shopping. I’d always search for everything from the prettiest supplies to the perfect first day of school outfit. Looking back, I don’t want to know how much my parents spent every year on that. Amidst a global pandemic, everyone is looking for great bargains. As a result of this, back to school consignment shopping is needed more than ever. Get inspired by these ideas for promoting back to school consignment shopping.

Tax-Free Holidays

Here’s a list of the states that offer tax-free weekends provided by USA Today, not all states do so. 

Alabama: July 17th-19th

Arkansas: August 1st-2nd

Connecticut: August 7th-9th

Florida: August 7th-9th

Iowa: August 7th-8th

Maryland: August 9th-15th

Massachusetts: August 29th-30th

Mississippi: July 31st-August 1st

Missouri: August 7th-9th

New Mexico: August 7th-9th

Ohio: August 7th-9th

Oklahoma: August 7th-9th

South Carolina: August 7th-9th

Tennessee: July 31st- August 2nd

Texas: August 7th-9th

Virginia: August 7th-9th

Promoting back to school consignment shopping ideas

One way to market your store for back to school is by having your customers promote your shop. By allowing your customers to promote your products, you earn credibility which in turn will bring new consumers. Here are a few ideas.

  • A classic back to school picture with a sign stating the student’s grade is every mom’s favorite. A great way to use this at your store would be to have some sort of chalkboard or dry-erase board that can be customizable for each student. This is a wonderful way to promote your consignment store. Target has some great options including this Chalkboard Wood Oblong Sign.

Promoting Back to School Consignment Shopping

  • Everyone loves a good backdrop for their pictures, why not dedicate a corner of your store for moms to take pictures of their student? Of course, this strategy is aimed more towards younger children but any age group can enjoy it. Don’t forget to include your store logo!

Promoting Back to School Consignment Shopping with a photoshoot

  • Most teenage girls love looking good, a great way to attract them can be with a fashion show, this could also be a mother-daughter event. Not only will the daughters have fun but the moms will love some extra bonding time before their daughter goes off to school. 

fashion show to promote your shop

  • As a furniture consignment store, you can dedicate a few evenings to show some great DIY examples. For students living in dorm rooms, any creativity can help bring their room some life. Additionally, many college students rely on repurposing old furniture they find at thrift shops or garage sales.

DIY ideas for your shop

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