Avoiding Failing as a Consignment Shop Owner

July 12, 2021

Being a small business owner is a lot of pressure. It can feel overwhelming, and when not managed correctly, it can lead to failure. This is our advice on avoiding failing as a consignment shop owner after seeing many successful and unsuccessful stores.

Wearing all the hats

Owning a business is hard enough, don’t add more pressure by doing all the jobs. Having too much on your plate will cause you to become too busy, and you’ll lose sight of your vision. To avoid this, you can do two easy things. Hire someone to help take some tasks off your hands. You can also get a POS system to track your sales to help you run your business the best you can.

Location Location Location

Location is everything, as any realtor can tell you that. Although a more affordable location seems like the obvious choice, you may end up regretting that decision. An inconvenient location means missing out on the money you could be making at a better location. Even though a good location is more expensive, the money, you make balances out.

Let’s talk money

To run a successful small business, you need an understanding of the financial side of things. If this isn’t your area of expertise, you can hire someone to handle it for you. It’s wise to handle your finances accordingly to avoid failing.


As the store owner, your responsibility is to build the perfect team to take care of your store and its customers. If you create a team, you can trust you can spend more time on your other priorities, such as family and friends. It is even easier to leave your shop when you still feel connected. Using the right POS system, you can stay connected to your shop at all times so that even when you’re not there, you know how things are going.


Finding the right merchandise to fill your store with takes some time. Using a POS system, you can track over time how well certain items do. Once you learn what your audience likes, you can specifically pick out items you know will do well.

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Paulette Squicimari