4 Ways to Improve Your Store’s Curb Appeal

February 23, 2021

How is your store’s curb appeal? The exterior of your store is the first impression you make on customers, which why it’s important to keep it pretty. Improving your store’s curb appeal can help bring customers in that may have never noticed your store was there. You may have heard the term curb appeal used to describe homes on HGTV, curb appeal is important when selling a home but even more important when convincing customers to come in. Here are 4 ways to improve your store’s curb appeal!

Improve your curb appeal by improving your sign

Give Your Consignment Store the Exterior Makeover It Deserves

Grabbing a potential customer’s attention starts at the curbside. It’s easy to be boring and choose plain colors for your sign, but the reality is this alone won’t catch their eye. Instead, find a way for your sign to represent your shop while also grabbing people’s attention. Come up with a new logo for your store if your current one isn’t grabbing people’s attention. Some people do this for a living, so don’t stress. Hire someone to do the creative work for you; if you live in a college town, it will be easy to find a college student who is creative. A fun idea would be to have a contest, then give the winner a cash prize or a discount to your shop as a reward.

Decorate your window display for curb appeal

Give Your Consignment Store the Exterior Makeover It Deserves

Do you ever notice how the stores at the mall are constantly updating their window displays? This is exactly what you should be doing. If your sign doesn’t get their attention, at least make sure your window display does. Collect your best pieces and display them on the window display for curb appeal. If you need more ideas, read our Consignment Storefront Window Display Tips.

Add a pop of color with plants to improve your curb appeal

Give Your Consignment Store the Exterior Makeover It Deserves

You can go beyond your sign and window display, get some plants and place them outside your shop. This can help your curbside appeal a lot, especially if you have a green thumb. You can probably get away with fake plants as well. Just do what works best for you. Real or not, the goal is to make your shop look pretty and stand out amongst the others. Spend some time on your landscaping; you can find plants that are easy to take care of and give your shop a fresh new look.

Improve your curb appeal with signs

Window display sign

Aside from your shop’s actual store sign, get informative signs. You can place these in your window displays. Use these signs as a way to orient your customers on what your shop is all about. You can even use window stickers and peel them off when it’s time to change them. Use these as a way to promote sales or discounts you may have.

Get creative to improve your curb appeal

Sandwich board for decoration

Have you ever walked by a sandwich board and not read it? It’s impossible! Of course, this is when it’s done right. If you know someone who is artistic, they can design your sandwich board and change it up every once in a while. You can use this to promote sales, inform customers of new inventory, and more. If you have nothing to say, maybe put a quote on it, funny or inspiring.

Use these 4 ways to improve your store’s curb appeal. If you came up with some ideas on your own during this read, go ahead and try them out. You won’t know something doesn’t work unless you try it, so take the risk.

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Paulette Squicimari