Just Starting Your Store?

Tips for setting correct price points

When setting correct price points, be like Goldilocks

Selling your store merchandise is always a delicate balance between price and demand. Like Goldilocks, you’ve got to get it “just right.”

Confessions of a Struggling Shop Owner

struggling shop owner

Kevin Beasley, founder of New Leaf Furniture Consignment Galleries in Auburn, AL and Columbus, GA is also the creator of Resale Makeover. He shares some of his struggles as a consignment shop owner.

4 lessons learned from failure

A closed sign is a definite sign of failure

It’s constantly in the news these days. Sports Authority is filing bankruptcy. Macy’s is closing locations. Coach is restructuring. What can those of us in the resale industry learn from their failure.

13 Questions To Ask Before Buying Software

ask questions before buying software

Are you in the market for consignment, resale store or antique mall software? Whether you are starting a new business or switching from a software product you’re not happy with, there are some important questions you need to ask before opening your wallet.

In resale, the customer is always right, right?

Customer is always right cartoon

Customers are your greatest resource, but sometimes you wish you could do business without them. How do you handle “the customer who is always right,” but just so happens to be wrong this time?

5 Traits of Highly Effective Salespeople

One of the effective salespeople

So, you are ready to hire a new salesperson? Do you really know what to look for?

Employee Theft-Is It Happening To You?

No employee theft

No one wants to be suspicious of their employees, especially when they may be family or close friends. However, theft is a real problem that bears looking into.

Inventory Management How-To’s

Inventory management

Some merchandise sits and sits and sits. Get it moving with these great ideas.

How to know it’s time to close up shop

Time to close this shop

Opening a shop is filled with excitement, but when the honeymoon is over and the day-to-day grind sets in, what factors determine if you’re a success or it’s just time to close up shop? Read what Mark Gandy of G3CFO has to say.

Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

Need a disaster recover plan for this car

Be prepared for when the unthinkable happens. Make sure you and your staff have a solid disaster recovery plan to ensure everyone’s safety.