Just Starting Your Store?

Send clever, digital holiday greetings

woman on computer

Make the next greeting you send to your customers distinctive, creative and digital. I’ll show you how.

Increase store traffic with these holiday ideas

People walking

During the holidays, you’re competing with everyone for more shoppers. Try some of these ideas to increase foot traffic into your store.

The University of Missouri, Traxia and You

University of Missouri

I have decided to change things up a bit and offer some personal thoughts about the recent activities in Columbia, MO (home of Traxia) and my Alma Mater, the University of Missouri. Plus, I’m looking for feedback!

The most requested holiday gift this year

Holiday packages

It’s regularly requested by nearly 6 out of 10 people. It’s easy to buy and never comes in the wrong color. What is the most sought out Christmas gift money can buy? Find out here.

The photo is king this holiday

Instagram logo as a camera

Researching online will be huge this holiday so be sure your social media becomes Santa’s little helper.

Holiday Window Displays on a Budget

girl with nose pressed against window

Your front window is a 24-hour billboard for your business. Just like a billboard, you need to make the display as bold, as big and as bright as possible.

Layaway saved my high school reunion

a clock and layaway ticket

Layaway can be a boon to the customer and a bane to the shop owner. Find out how layaway saved by high school reunion.

What drives customer loyalty

a loyal monkey to his dog friend

Sometimes I just don’t agree with a survey, but I present the findings anyway. Here’s an example.

SlideShare: Understanding Target Marketing

Resized Target-min

Finding your target market is so much more than just knowing where they physically live. Watch my SlideShare presentation on knowing the psychographics of your potential shoppers.

Avoid the “butt-brush” effect

A bear's bottom

Statistics show that it’s easier to get a current shopper to spend more while in your shop than it is to bring a new customer in. The layout of your shop has a lot to do with it so choose the right one for you.