Just Starting Your Store?

Knowing when to open another location

Leaping to opening a second consignment store

Neil Abramson, Vice President of the National Association of Resale Professionals and CFO of ECi stores, brings wisdom to the question, “Am I ready to open another location?”

13 Ways to Improve your Consignment Cash Wrap

Consignment Sales Woman

Shoppers are looking for a seamless experience from the moment they enter your shop to the moment they check out. Take a look and see if you can improve your cash wrap with these ideas.

5 Ways to Tell Them You Love Them

Vintage Valentine card

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to show some love to both your customers and employees. Try one of these ideas.

10 Merchandise Photography Tips

Man holding a camera

Photographing your merchandise doesn’t have to require a professional, but knowing some tricks of the trade sure helps!

Infographic – The “typical” resale shop owner

The header for my 2016 survey-min

For over 6 weeks, asking 12 questions and reading some fun responses, I have finally put together my very unscientific results of what the typical resale shop owner looks like. Take a look.

17 brilliant ideas for inventory reduction

Inventory Clearance Sale

Everyone’s shedding their indoor and outdoor holiday decorations and according to most New Year’s resolutions, they’re hoping to shed a few pounds too. Your shop needs to do the same. It’s Spring after all … at least in the eyes of every shop owner. Although you don’t want to make drastic sales a regular habit,

Looking ahead to next year

Happy New Year!

There are 3 trends that are building steam for the coming year. Get a jump on the competition by improving one or all of them as soon as possible.

You Might Need to Own a Resale Shop

Man with troll dolls

David Letterman made them famous and I’ve now created my own. Read the top 10 reasons you might need to own a resale shop.

Inventory, training and “butts” top the list of most read posts

Raising the Resale Bar

“Raising the Resale Bar” has been my new foray into a different type of newsletter. I hope you are getting the information you need from it. Here are 3 of the top posts from 2015.

Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

dog with a ball that looks like teeth

When my daughter was a senior in high school, she participated in the Missouri Junior Miss Pageant. I accompanied her to the initial meeting where the director started off by saying, “Ladies, remember, your greatest asset is your smile!” Oh brother, I thought, this is going to be a long day. But the more I