Just Starting Your Store?

Are Tax-Free Holidays Beneficial?


There are pros and cons to participating in your state’s tax-free holiday. Find out your state’s requirements and whether it’s right for you.

Sell Smarter, Not Harder


Learning the fundamentals about your shop and your shoppers makes selling easier. Here’s how you can PAUSE to sell smarter, not harder.

Consignment, Resale and Antique Malls … it’s your responsibility!


The younger generations put a huge value on companies that are socially and environmentally active. As the ultimate “go green” businesses, consignment, resale and antique malls must begin educating upcoming consumers on the incredible benefit of buying “secondhand.”

One easy strategy to learn more about your shoppers

Cartoon images of different ages

We hear a lot about target marketing, but who has the time to do detailed research? Here is one simple strategy to begin gleaning the data you need on the type of shoppers coming into your store.

“Consigning” in the UK

Bang Bang consignment in the UK

Why is it that I always imagine Britain and America being very similar? Is it because we basically (at least depending on what part of the country you’re from) speak the same language? Is it because we both like football (albeit different kinds). Or, is it because the British and Americans have been good allies

Do you have “Resaler Tunnel Vision?”

dead flies on a windowsill

To avoid Resaler Tunnel Vision, make sure you’re looking at your shop through the eyes of your shoppers. What do they see?

Optimizing your social media

social-network icons smaller

It doesn’t matter what you post on social media if you’re not posting at the right time. It’s time to optimize!

Be Prepared for Shoplifters

shoplifting words

Shoplifting is an ever-increasing problem and resale shops are by no means exempt from the problem. Learn how to fight it here.

Donating Expired Consignment Items

smaller recycling-bin

Learn how to keep your store looking fresh and uncluttered by donating items.

iPhone Photo Basics for Store Photos

Woman on cell phone

Use your smartphone to take and share great photos of your merchandise. Here’s how to get the best photos possible.