Just Starting Your Store?

What drives customer loyalty

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Sometimes I just don’t agree with a survey, but I present the findings anyway. Here’s an example.

SlideShare: Understanding Target Marketing

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Finding your target market is so much more than just knowing where they physically live. Watch my SlideShare presentation on knowing the psychographics of your potential shoppers.

Avoid the “butt-brush” effect

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Statistics show that it’s easier to get a current shopper to spend more while in your shop than it is to bring a new customer in. The layout of your shop has a lot to do with it so choose the right one for you.

Meet the SimpleConsign Team

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Did you know one of our team members was a hand model? Or, that one of our Tech Support guys swears he can make Minute Rice in 57 seconds flat? Read more about the talents of the SimpleConsign Team.

Training changes everything

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Although it requires a little time on your part, here’s a simple way to increase sales by 23%.

A “16 Weeks to Christmas!” Checklist

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So many things change during the 4th quarter. Your business volume, your merchandise, your staff and even how your customers shop all change during the holidays. Be ready. Don’t worry…you have 16 weeks!

10 steps to improve emails

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Email vs no email. It’s a marketing feud that’s been going on for a long time. See what the SimpleConsign sheriff has to say.

Twilight Zone of inventory management

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You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of time and space, but of mind. Enter the Twilight Zone of inventory management!

5 tips for dynamite resale flyers


Make your shop’s motto, “nothing goes out without bringing them back in.” Here are 5 tips to make flyers you add to your shopping bags just a little more attractive.

The 3 stupidest questions to ask shoppers

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I have been in some form of sales my whole life. In fact, I come from a long line of salespeople. I’ve sold everything from men’s ties to radio advertising spots. Through it all, I’ve learned two very important lessons.