Just Starting Your Store?

Confessions of a Struggling Shop Owner

Kevin Beasley, founder of New Leaf Furniture Consignment Galleries in Auburn, AL and Columbus, GA is also the creator of Resale Makeover. He shares some of his struggles as a consignment shop owner.

4 lessons learned from failure

It's constantly in the news these days. Sports Authority is filing bankruptcy. Macy's is closing locations. Coach is restructuring. What can those of us in the resale industry learn from their failure.

13 Questions To Ask Before Buying Software

Are you in the market for consignment, resale store or antique mall software? Whether you are starting a new business or switching from a software product you're not happy with, there are some important questions you need to ask before opening your wallet.

In resale, the customer is always right, right?

Customers are your greatest resource, but sometimes you wish you could do business without them. How do you handle "the customer who is always right," but just so happens to be wrong this time?