Season 2 Consign is a rapidly innovative and expanding e-commerce consignment franchise with a cutting-edge business model. Season 2® is the first & only pre-owned luxury handbags and accessories franchise opportunity in the world, offering a centralized e-commerce system. Founded by sisters Erika Tapia Schrieber and Monica Tapia-Mularski, bringing over 15 years of experience in the consignment luxury space. Erika recognized a significant gap in the market, and the sisters decided to act on their idea during the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying ahead of the trends, they would go live on Instagram and market products they sold via their Shopify website. The sisters established a contemporary, streamlined consignment model offering an elevated aesthetic and unparalleled customer service.

Season 2 Consign's mission is to establish a secure digital platform that fosters trust and integrity for both consignors and customers. They strive to revolutionize the consignment industry by blending operational excellence with a passion for creating generational wealth for franchise owners. The company's unique approach combines a consignment model with wholesale vendor partnerships, ensuring a diverse inventory across its locations.

The Challenge

As Season 2 Consign rapidly scaled its franchise operations, managing inventory across multiple locations became a logistical challenge. The company needed a robust inventory management solution to streamline operations, enhance transparency, and provide actionable insights to drive growth. All while keeping the same brand appearance and tone across all stores. 

The Solution

Season 2 Consign chose SimpleConsign's comprehensive software to centralize their operations. By leveraging SimpleConsign's multi-store features, including inventory management, automated payouts, and customizable reporting, Season 2® gained the operational efficiency needed to support its ambitious expansion plans.

"SimpleConsign was the only consignment platform we've ever used and ever wanted to use." 

Erika mentions that SimpleConsign is an important component of their robust tech stack. She shares, “In terms of inventory management, what we really like is to operate from a place of transparency with our consignors. When we started Season 2 Consign, we knew it was extremely important not to use pen to paper to manage our operations. It was such an old way of doing consignment, having a list of your clients with what you owe them that month, but that's how so many small businesses were operating at the time and even today. We just felt like if we invested a little bit, it could unlock all of this potential and time saved because time is money". 

SimpleConsign is so transparent. We don't have to spend time emailing or accepting phone calls that are like, 'Hey, did my item sell?' It's such a great system because all our franchisees use it, creating brand cohesion across all locations. Thanks to SimpleConsign, every customer can expect the same experience when selling with Season 2 Consign." 
Erika Tapia Schrieber
Co-Owner | Season 2 Consign


From the outset, Season 2 Consign integrated SimpleConsign seamlessly into its operations, harnessing the power of the platform's Shopify integration and reporting functionality. This integration allowed franchise owners to manage inventory, track sales, and communicate with consigners efficiently. SimpleConsign's user-friendly interface also facilitated a smooth transition for franchisees, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations.

The Results

The adoption of SimpleConsign yielded tangible benefits for Season 2 Consign:

1. Enhanced Transparency: SimpleConsign's automated payout system and real-time inventory tracking improved transparency for consignors, fostering trust and loyalty.

2. Operational Efficiency: By eliminating manual processes and streamlining inventory management, SimpleConsign saved time and resources for franchise owners, allowing them to focus on business growth.

3. Consistent Brand Experience: With all franchise locations using SimpleConsign, Season 2 Consign achieved brand cohesion and consistency, delivering a seamless customer experience across its network.

4. Actionable Insights: SimpleConsign's reporting features empowered Season 2 Consign to make data-driven decisions, optimize product curation, and maximize profitability.

Season 2 Consign (2)

More on What Season 2 Consign Loves About SimpleConsign

Reporting Features: What Erika and their teams love about the reporting features is that you can build reports that aren't even there. Erika adds, “There are some reports in SimpleConsign that already exist that you can pull, but there are also so many possibilities to create reports because we have many different teams. Some teams focus on product curation, and others focus on profit margin, etc., so we can pull reports that will speak to each person's goals because not all reports are created equal. And they don't always help every team, so having many options is super beneficial."

Customer Support: Erika shares that SimpleConsign has always been very receptive to their business needs as a client. She says, “Anytime I've ever needed support, there is a question that I need answered, or even a feature that I wish was there but wasn't, I feel like I've always gotten a really great response and even some changes made to the system that have been really beneficial to us.” 

Key Takeaways for Store Owners

Reflecting on their journey, Season 2 Consign offers valuable advice to store owners seeking a software solution:

  • Prioritize Client Support: When evaluating software vendors, inquire about the quality of client support. Responsive and reliable support can make all the difference during challenging times. Ask about what their client support actually looks like and get third-party validation. Sometimes, technology fails us; when you need help, what type of support are you receiving? 
  • Embrace Innovation: Stay ahead of industry trends by embracing digital innovations like live shopping experiences. Investing in technology can unlock new opportunities for growth and differentiation.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Leverage robust reporting tools to gain actionable insights and drive informed business decisions. Customizable reports tailored to specific business goals can provide a competitive advantage.

Looking Ahead

Season 2 Consign's success story exemplifies the transformative impact of SimpleConsign on consignment franchise operations. By harnessing the power of technology and operational excellence, Season 2 Consign continues to redefine the consignment experience, empowering franchise owners and delighting customers across its expanding network.

Season 2 Consign remains committed to its partnership with SimpleConsign, envisioning continued growth and innovation. With SimpleConsign's ongoing support and responsive customer service, Season 2 Consign is poised to navigate future challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the consignment market.

You can learn more about Season 2 Consign and franchise opportunities at season2franchising.com.