Trove is a popular and unique resale boutique in LA that provides high-quality clothing, accessories, home goods, and more. The store was opened in 2016 by Danielle Darnault, a mom with three children. Despite her busy schedule, Danielle pursued her passion for consignment and opened Trove to share her love with others. With her expertise in business and entrepreneurship, Danielle successfully created a store that has become a go-to destination for those looking for vintage and unique clothing pieces.

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The Objective

Danielle started Trove while raising three children under the age of five. She needed software that would free up her time and streamline Trove's sales.

The Challenge

Danielle had yet to gain experience in the retail industry. Her professional background was in strategy consulting and private equity. She was searching for a career that would give her more independence and eliminate the need for frequent travel. Danielle's mother was in charge of a non-profit consignment store, which sparked her interest in pursuing a similar path.

However, Danielle admitted to having limited knowledge in this area and underestimated the amount of effort required to get started and make a profit. She said, "I didn't really know what I was doing. I did not realize how much work this was going to be or how long it was going to take to make money." Her lack of experience and busy home life led to a slow start.

The Solution

SimpleConsign's helped Danielle streamline her team's processes. Designed specifically for the resale industry, Trove has everything it needs to save the team's time and scale successfully.

  • There is personal onboarding and a real support team to answer all your questions.
  • There are video trainings and easy-to-access user guides built into the software.
  • There is an online community with access to others using the same software so you can learn tips and tricks.
  • There is built-in reporting and custom reporting for when you need it.
  • There is true cloud access so you can access your reports and manage your store from anywhere.

When asked about her favorite feature, Danielle quickly mentioned cloud access. When pressed for details, Danielle explained "This is truly a cloud software. I can see exactly what my cashier is seeing. I can just dig in... Sometimes it's dangerous because I want reports constantly."

The second major reason Danielle chose SimpleConsign is because she knew the reporting feature was going to be very important for Trove. "There's so much that's hard to track in a brick-and-mortar store. But I can run any report I want. I can build a customer report and save it. It's amazing! There are reports I hadn't even thought of that come with the software."

"There's no feature that any other software can ever offer me that would be worth me giving up the opportunity to run custom reports and access everything from where I am."

Danielle Darnault Owner


"I can check anything from anywhere. I can be at home with my kids and I have the option to look at that or not. For me, it’s reassuring to know that everything is at my fingertips… I don’t even need to be at a computer. I can be at the mall or the park with my kids and [in a pinch] I can hop on my phone and get to all the details. It’s really powerful!"

Danielle also enjoys the support she gets from SimpleConsign's online community, which is a benefit available to all SimpleConsign users. "I can get so much more out of a conversation with another business owner than I can in 10 hours of googling how to do it myself."

While she loves talking with our experienced business owners, Danielle has trained Trove's staff to use SimpleConsigns training and support before coming to her.

"The training is so great. When we onboard people, I can just be like "Oh hey watch this training video" or "If you get stuck, you actually don't have to grab a manager. You can just go right here to our user guide."

"There are so many benefits, I don't know how anyone uses any other software."

Danielle Darnault
Owner | Trove

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The Results

Trove leveraged SimpleConsign's software to establish efficient systems and procedures. By streamlining its sales and inventory processes, Trove scaled its business, improved the quality of its merchandise, and increased profitability by 5x in 3 years.

Danielle Darnault, the founder of Trove, noted that SimpleConsigns resale-specific software played a crucial role in the boutique's success, saying, "We get so many comments from people about how organized we are. I think a lot of that comes from the tools that SimpleConsign provides."