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Previously in our Shopify Sales Challenge, you created your store and edited the settings. 

Now that you have a working store it's time to begin adding products, but before you do that, you need to find the right products to sell online.
The Challenges
When it comes to online versus brick and mortar stores, one isn't considered better or worse, they're just different. Things that won't sell in store may sell online. Things that are easy to sell in store may be difficult to sell online. 

When you begin your journey selling online, it's important to understand what works and what doesn't. If you've only listed couches on your online store, and you haven't seen any sales, that doesn't mean your store is doomed and online sales are cursed, it probably just means that people prefer to buy couches in person.

There are new challenges to selling online such as shipping, marketing, and listing your products.

It's important to understand that the pros to selling online certainly outweigh the cons, but it's also important to understand what challenges you may face.
Facing Those Challenges
The biggest challenges when selling online can be alleviated by being smart about what you're selling in your online store versus your brick and mortar store.

This means selling the right products for an online market. We've broken down some of the best items to get your online store up and thriving.

Unique items: When it comes to selling products online, unique items are some of the easiest things to sell. With brick and mortar stores it's hard to niche yourself and still run a business; however, selling online is a completely different beast. For example, selling custom jacket patches or custom-made lamp shades is not a viable business for a physical store, but online you have access to a much larger market. 

Electronics: Running a resale and consignment store means that people will occasionally bring in old electronics that are just lying around the house. These things still have value if sold to the right person. A great example of valuable electronics that seem like clutter to most people are old video camcorders. Some camcorders used proprietary tapes that could only be played off that camcorder. The chances of someone walking into your store and needing one of those camcorders is pretty slim; however, when it comes to selling something like that online, your listing would be just a search away from the right buyer.

Vintage Clothing: Unless your store specializes in vintage clothing, it may seem out of place or random in your store, especially if most of your clothing are lower prices, because vintage clothing can command a great price to the right buyer. By bringing vintage pieces of clothing online, you can get the real value by selling to buyers who know the true value. Purses tend to follow this trend as well.

Fabrics: Sheets, tablecloths, curtains--these are things that everyone owns and something that everyone has to live with and look at everyday. This means a lot of people spend a lot of time shopping for the perfect ones for their home; therefore, having a wide selection of these common products can only be an advantage to your store. Additionally, fabric is easy to ship! You can fit most, if not all, sheets, tablecloths, and curtains in a relatively small box and you don't have to worry about them being damaged in transit.

Incomplete Items: Sometimes something will come into your shop and it will be missing something. Think board games, dining sets, anything that has multiple pieces that are easily lost or broken. In your shop this may be hard to sell, but when selling online you can list the individual pieces, many times for more money than you would have if you sold the incomplete set.

Most Other Things: This list is by no means complete, if you can ship it, you can sell it. With online you're not bound by not having the right customer. When selling online, you will find an audience for any item. 
How To Plan What To Sell
As with most things in life, there will always be some trial and error when it comes to selling online. As detailed above, you may be surprised by the sheer scope of what you can sell online.

With SimpleConsign's Shopify plugin, we make it easy to add your inventory to your online store which means you will be able to test a lot of items at once. 

Before you start adding inventory to your online shop, you need to plan what to add to your inventory. 

Using the information above, start thinking about what you have that would be easy to ship, and, more importantly, what is worth selling online. 

Don't worry about pricing, we will get into that later on in the challenge.

For now, your main task is to plan what you are going to sell. 


Do a little research--ask yourself, ask your friends, ask your family, even ask your customers, what would you buy online? If one person is willing to buy it, you can assume many others are too.
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