Introducing the SimpleConsign Academy

Providing the experts to build your business

At SimpleConsign, we want to be more than your Point-of-Sale system. Our desire is to help you reach your ultimate goal, a successful and prosperous business. As a result, we’re introducing the SimpleConsign Academy. The Academy is designed to educate SimpleConsign customers on business issues that are important to you. We want to link you with the experts who can take your store to the next level.

The SimpleConsign Academy

We’re planning a SimpleConsign Academy Kick-Off Event

This one-day event will be filled with speakers who specialize in the topics you’re eager to learn. At this time, we’re considering Kansas City, MO as

our venue sometime in the late Spring or early Fall of this year. The Academy Kick-Off would include talks from the experts,

round-table discussions andĀ of course delicious food and drink. Take a moment and fill out this brief survey.

It isn’t a commitment, but before we proceed, we need to hear your thoughts.