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SimpleConsign offers two solutions for e-commerce businesses. Not sure which one is right for you? We can help! Our team of e-commerce experts is happy to answer your questions.

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"I use WooCommerce and need your plugin." = $1,500 




"I use Shopify and want the app." = $1,000

*Does not include the cost of Shopify template


$100/month for 1st location

$75/mo for 2nd location

$50/mo for each additional location

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Check out a few examples of websites using these solutions.

WooCommerce (Using WordPress)



Yes! Our app is simple, plug and play. You will learn to manage your inventory a bit differently, but our app will work with any Shopify theme.
Yes, however, the WooCommerce for WordPress solution does require that you use the Venta Theme Template. This template is quite customizable and we will work with you to transition to a new theme if needed.
Yes! Shopify allows you to enable those sales channels and choose to direct buyers back to your website for purchase. Similarly, shop owners can share their products from WooCommerce across social media, as long as the buyers are still directed to purchase on your website. The important part is that all sales happen on your website, as that is where the communication back to SimpleConsign will take place.
Yes, WooCommerce and Shopify both have options for adding coupons or gift certificates. At this time, however, both the Shopify App and WooCommerce Plugin cannot report back to SimpleConsign the final priceĀ of a product, only that it sold and has reduced the quantity of stock. Due to this limitation, there are some manual aspects to allowing coupons online, some solutions as simple as running a comparison report at the end of the week/month.
There are several options for shipping orders. Both the Shopify App and the WooCommerce Plugin have the ability to upgrade to calculated shipping (shipping based on weights and dimensions). Calculated shipping is an add-on to these products and can be arranged through your vendor of choice (USPS, UPS, etc.) Alternatively, native to both systems, are the choices to charge a flat rate, provide free shipping, or pick-up in store.
Yes, with Traxia's partner, Venta Marketing, you'll get the option to purchase full website customization of our theme on WordPress or any theme on Shopify. We will help you migrate from another platform, get your content and photos loaded to the new website, and walk you through how to use the system.