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Meet the Team of SimpleConsign, powered by Traxia

Behind every good team, you'll find wonderful customers

About Traxia

Our vision – Traxia is building a strong family environment that extends through our staff to our customers with excellent customer support. By listening to our customer’s needs, and providing a constantly evolving and innovative program, we’ve focused on growing our customer’s business so we profit together. Meet the team behind the first web based consignment software.

Not Just Software

Traxia is striving to be the best support tool available to the consignment, resale, antique and thrift industries. One of the tools we provide is SimpleConsign, the first web based consignment program. Our team uses an agile approach where we can update frequently and get customer feedback quickly. With SimpleConsign, your program will never grow stale as you will always have the latest and greatest version. We are more than just great consignment software, however. We strive to help businesses succeed in all areas. We have partnered with other companies to offer hardware, credit card processing, insurance, marketing, and much more.

Meet the Team

Joe Gaboury, President and Founder
Joe Gaboury, President and FounderKeeper of the flame
Joseph Gaboury, COO
Joseph Gaboury, COONever whiffs in T-ball
Deb McGonagle, Marketing Coordinator
Deb McGonagle, Marketing Coordinatoraka Scooter
Dan Huckins, Product Manager
Dan Huckins, Product ManagerA fountain of useless information
Justin Heffernan, Customer Implementation Specialist
Justin Heffernan, Customer Implementation SpecialistHobnobs with other wizards
Guerry Semones, Head Developer
Guerry Semones, Head DeveloperComic Book Hero wannabe
Kirk Backus, Developer
Kirk Backus, DeveloperHand Model
Wes Craig, Tech Support
Wes Craig, Tech SupportCan make minute rice in 57 seconds flat.
David Rawlings, Developer
David Rawlings, DeveloperSecretly desires to be Popeye

Importance of Customers

Our customers are very important to us. We like to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. To show how important our customers are to us, we offer awesome customer support so that we never leave a customer hanging when they need help. We also do things like check in from time to time just to say hello, ask for input on certain features, give free marketing services and advice, offer a newsletter about the consignment industry, and offer a customer referral program among other things.

We value your opinions, comments and suggestions so please be sure to send us an email or call with your input!