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Let’s look at resale’s future in 2017

What is the future of resale? What does 2017 have in store for you? For some of you, you’re fearful. For others, your view of the future looks strong. Regardless of your personal outlook, resale’s future (consignment, thrift or buy outright) is looking better and brighter. Consumers are smarter than ever and resale needs to keep up. Take a look

A holiday party warning from Scrooge

Hopefully, every business wants to celebrate the previous year's successes with their staff. Before you plan yours, read Scrooge's holiday party warnings.

Squeeze more out of your holiday marketing budget

Make your holiday budget work harder with these extra tips According to Deloitte, this year’s holiday sales are expected to rise almost 4% over last year. That’s a wonderful increase. Every shop owner needs to get the most out of their holiday marketing this year. There’s one problem though. How do you tell your shop’s message when so many others