Devops/ Test Automation


What do you do at SimpleConsign? 

A foodie at heart doing Test Automation/Devops

What are your Hobbies?

Going for long walks in the woods, coloring mandalas, listening to music, sipping a hot cup of chai and reading books, meditation, soul searching

Favorite pizza topping? 

Can’t do it with one, mine has to be fully loaded with veggies a.k.a Farmhouse Edition i.e. black olives, jalapenos, bell peppers all three colors, mushrooms, baby corn, onions, tomatoes, parsley along with lots of mozzarella cheese and a thicker crust with just the right textured pizza sauce 🙂

Favorite Toy as a kid: 

Disney Picture Puzzles, Snake and Ladder, Slinky, Playing marbles, Tic Tac Toe, Pokemon Tazos