Senior Developer / Team Lead


What do you do at SimpleConsign? 

  • EDNA, everybody’s favorite app, you’re welcome
  • Also, I add unnecessary virtual confetti in places (really, I do a lot)

What are your hobbies? 

  • Woodworking, mainly with pallet wood
  • Pickling onions, creating vinegar, making sourdough pancakes, having a beer while I make lemon bars, cooking in general
  • Playing drums, piano, and guitar
  • Reading obituaries
  • Riding a bike, though it has been a minute since mine was stolen in college because I never locked it up
  • Sleeping through movies

Favorite pizza topping? 

It’s a tie between Canadian bacon & pineapple.

Favorite toys as a kid?

  • For sure, my Game Boy Color
  • Laptop with Windows 3.1 where I started programming