Alex Squicimari

Technical Support Manager


Our international company now has a truly international staff. Alex Squicimari, Technical Support Manager, comes to us by way of Puerto Rico. Actually, by way of Cuba to Oklahoma to Puerto Rico to New York, back to Puerto Rico to Missouri. All of his schooling, including earning his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, took place in Puerto Rico. Taught by American nuns in parochial schools, Alex is fluent in English and Spanish. He grinned, “everything was taught in English except for Spanish class.” (Religion class was apparently taught in Spanish too.) Like many others at Traxia, Alex is a Star Wars aficionado, proclaiming Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope as his favorite. He has a particular fondness for baby back ribs too, but ask him about his favorite Puerto Rican dish and he’ll eagerly google it and show you photos. It’s called Mofongo. He and his wife make it. You know you want to google it.