Customer Launch Specialist


What do you do at SimpleConsign? 
Whether they’re a new store just starting out or celebrating 10 years in business, I get our new customers up and running with our software. Sometimes that means training, data conversions, general guidance, and/or cheerleading. If you need it, I’ve got it.
What are your hobbies?
I play a lot of video games. Mostly PC survival games, but I am always happy to take a break and play Mario Kart on the Switch with Dennis and Wes. (Dennis uses tilt controls).
Favorite pizza topping?
Pizza isn’t my jam, but if reconfigured into a grilled cheese with a side of ketchup…I’m down.
Favorite toys as a kid?
I did motocross and snowboarding as a kid, but the one thing you could not separate me from was my Charizard costume. Grocery store? Charizard. Daycare? Charizard. Running around the woods? Charizard. If it wasn’t that then I was dressed up as Batman. My mom must have really loved me.