Cailin Laughlin

Customer Launch Specialist


Introducing Cailin Laughlin, our new Customer Launch Specialist. This firecracker came to us from one of our favorite customers, Finders Keepers in Atlanta. Believe me, she knows SimpleConsign from the inside out! Just so you get to feel as worthless as I do, let me share a few of her accomplishments. She was graduated from Agnes Scott College with a Bachelor of Arts in theater set and lighting design (that’s what makes her a “Scottie”). She’s studied Spanish, French, German, Russian and Arabic. Contemplated majoring in physics or philosophy. She was an avid motocross rider and snowboarder, plus took Brazilian Ju Jitsu with a guy named Fabio. Hello! Cailin will be the first team member to greet new customers. When you talk to her, be sure to ask about her cat Needle, and the current condition of her arms. (Between you and me, the cat sounds like a terror. She calls them “love bites.”)