Team Up With Other Resale Shops

July 11, 2014

Don’t look at them like competition, team up and build a better industry

One of the biggest benefits of a NARTS (National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops) Conference is the opportunity to glean information from other resale shops. However, the majority of those attending aren’t in direct competition with each other. Can it really be beneficial for local shops to team up and if so, how do you have a win-win situation for everyone?

The Pros

In an article written by Megan Broussard, she listed 4 reasons why supporting your competitors makes good sense.

1.) It helps build your industry

When the industry succeeds, everyone succeeds.

2.) It helps both of your bottom lines

You will begin to carve out your niche and therefore complement one another.

3.) It motivates you to be the best you can be

Use your competitors as a benchmark to measure your strengths and weaknesses.

4.) It helps break your fall when you need it

The support of other shops during a “slip up” can be invaluable.

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The Cons

The cons can be fairly obvious. By teaming up, you are drawing attention to other shops who otherwise may have gone unnoticed. You are also potentially dividing up the overall share of resale dollars spent. Lastly, you run the risk of being perceived as the less attractive, less economical and less enjoyable place to shop.

Some ideas for teaming up with other shops

Many resale/retail shops are already collaborating with one another in their area to create fun, annual events. Here are a couple of examples of shops who are succeeding at embracing the competition.

  • Fashion Week Rochester

This annual event is usually held in October and benefits a local youth charity. It begins with a “Fashion Exchange” where event-goers get the opportunity to swap old clothing items for a new look. The final event is a Boutique Crawl where each shop provides food and beverages, and a discount to shoppers for that day only.

  • Atlanta’s Consignment Tours

Held twice a year, bus tours to several of Atlanta’s consignment shops are renowned. Participants receive front-door dropoff to great consignment stores, a full lunch, a special shopping tote and store discounts.

  • Progressive Pickin’ Party

In the smaller community of Charleston, IL, several resale shops team up for the Progressive Pickin’ Party. Customers can obtain their “Passport” and maps from any one of the stores taking part. If they get a minimum of 4 stamps or signatures from the participating shops, their names are placed in a drawing for special prizes.

  • The Annual Shop Small Program

For the last several years, the Friday after Thanksgiving has been a day to encourage communities to support their local businesses. A Shop Small Champion American Express offers free posters, shopping bags, signage and more when you order early.  They even provide tailored event guides to set up specific promotions such as scavenger hunts, a passport program or a kick-off breakfast. It’s a great way to partner with other businesses around you even though they may not be consignment or resale.

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