5 takeaways from our Resale Academy event

The purpose of the Resale Academy

The Academy was birthed out of a desire to help resale businesses succeed. Our customers understand buying and selling. Pricing items and knowing a bargain come easily. However, understanding marketing, merchandising, building a sales team, and many other business ideas is another story. Here are just a few Resale Academy takeaways.

Become a “Customer Advocate”

Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender are consumer anthropologists. Nationally-known speakers in the retail industry, we brought them to the Resale Academy. According to Kizer & Bender, customers seek “information, inspiration, and ideas.” Gone are the days of telling them and they will buy. You need to become a customer advocate. In other words, show your customers you’re on their side. View your business from their perspective. Have the information they need. Give amazing service.

Georganne Kizer and Rich Bender of Kizer and Bender

Georganne Bender and Rich Kizer of Kizer & Bender

Improve your Impression Points

Did you know 50% of your shop is never seen by shoppers? Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender encouraged shop owners to take a closer look at their “Impression Points.” For example, review areas like your front door and front window. Change your speed bumps weekly. In addition, your checkout area should pop with color and signage. Your sightlines must be clear.

Angie Houloose

Angie Houloose

Create your store’s culture

The one-time consignment store owner, Angie Houloose, also spoke. She taught about creating a winning culture through leadership. Angie has developed the “OBVI Project.” Through your leadership, the store culture you desire is obtainable. Refine your values and vision for your store.

Moments of truth

In marketing, the first moment of truth (MOT) is the moment your customer first interacts with your store. It’s their first impression. You have less than 10 seconds. There are several moments of truth. In fact, there’s even a zero moment of truth.

Circles of Excellence

Imagine a circle. In it, you place everything a resale store needs to operate. For instance, you need an inventory, customers, a cash register, etc. Now, place a larger circle around the first. Add the extras that aren’t necessary, but set you apart from other stores. As you build circles of excellence, customers begin to expect it from you. Therefore, constantly change and build that outer circle to add value and excitement.

The future of the Resale Academy

The Academy was a resounding success. Attendees said, “It rejuvenated me.” “I needed to be inspired & motivated.” “They knew their stuff.” SimpleConsign users … we’ll be back next year!

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