National resale conference takeaways and photos

It was truly a “River of Ideas” at the national resale conference

For the last 7 years, members of Team Traxia have packed up and headed to the national resale conference. Every year, we get the opportunity to learn more about our industry, make new friends and meet our wonderful customers. This year’s resale conference was no exception.


This year, several NARTS members volunteered at an emergency children’s center. Between cooking and serving a meal, watching children and buying and delivering items, NARTS made a huge difference to this wonderful organization. Our very own Traxia president, Joe Gaboury and his wife Susan arrived in San Antonio a day early to volunteer.

Joe Gaboury and his wife at the resale conference

Traxia’s president, Joe Gaboury and his wife Susan volunteering.

The Bus Tour

One of the highlights of this conference was visiting an important Traxia customer on the NARTS bus tour, Too Good To Be Threw. Both of their locations were on the tour and they outdid themselves on merchandising, branding and snacks! Linda Reams and Kathi Lux are phenomenal resale professionals and valued Traxia ambassadors. We can’t thank them enough!

Joseph and his mom Susan at the resale conference

Joseph Gaboury and his mom, Susan, at our customer, Too Good To Be Threw


There is always so much to learn at a NARTS resale conference. Workshops titled Facebook Engagement, Strategies for Growing Your Business and The Approach to Customer ServiceĀ are just a few. Over 25 people volunteered their time and talents to teach conference goers. I spoke on the topic of branding.

Deb teaching at the resale conference

Deb’s workshop, Building Your Professional Brand

Customer Appreciation Party

Team Traxia had a wonderful time hosting our customers at our annual Customer Appreciation Extravaganza. With lots of food and beverages, including a S’mores Bar, we enjoyed several hours of getting to know one another.

Customer Appreciation Party at the resale conference

A few of our wonderful customers at Traxia’s annual Customer Appreciation Party

The SourceMart

Part of the conference includes the SourceMart. This event gives attendees the opportunity to talk directly to resale vendors. In addition to other resale software companies, the SourceMart included Traxia partners like Entrupy, Priority Payment Systems and Swaggle. In conjunction with BluePay processors, Traxia gave away an Apple watch. It’s always a lively and noisy event, but we love sharing SimpleConsign with current and potential customers.

resale conference winner

Joseph and Titus Gaboury with the winner of our Apple watch giveaway, Billy Fillmore from Treasure Trove.

The Sunday Dinner and Dance

Every year, Team Traxia chooses a theme for our Sunday dinner and dance costume. Over the years, we’ve worn matching cruise shirts, cowboy outfits and even gone as the NARTS Nerds. This year, since the theme of the resale conference was “River of Ideas,” we decided to attend the event as “The BIG Idea.” The only way to be the big idea is to wear light bulbs on our heads. Yes, you heard me correctly. We wore large embroidered light bulbs complete with a pull chain. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun.

Resale conference Sunday dinner

Part of Team Traxia dressed as The BIG Idea. Yes, those are light bulbs.

Returning home

After a Monday morning breakfast and conference discussion, attendees head home. We’re all on information overload and exhausted. When Joseph, Titus, Dan, Justin and I arrived at the Kansas City airport, we discovered Joseph’s car was dead as a door nail. However, the Team comes through again and Dan was able to jump Joseph’s car. Now, back at work, we’ve got a lot to do to wrap up another wonderful NARTS conference. Hope to see you next year in Columbus, Ohio!

Coming home from the resale conference

Team Traxia to the rescue thanks to Dan!

3 Reasons To Attend The National Resale Conference

The national resale conference rocks!

For over 7 years, Traxia has been a member of the National Association of Resale and Thrift Stores (NARTS). We attend national and local conferences, teach workshops, volunteer for various community events and even sponsor conference water bottles. This year’s national resale conference promises to be every bit as fun and exciting. Here are 3 reasons why Team Traxia thinks you need to plan on being there.

I love teaching at the national resale conference

Deb teaches an EXCITING class at the conference in 2016

Reason #1 A wealth of resale industry knowledge

The national resale conference offers lectures, workshops, smaller networking sessions and a SourceMart filled with resale vendors. The wealth of resale industry information, all under one roof, is amazing. Learn about strategies for growth, tackling today’s marketing and selling the right merchandise. Hear from seasoned shop owners who’ve made a successful career out of their own resale businesses. Resale, in all its forms, is only now beginning to go mainstream. In order to succeed, you need a bigger vision and greater knowledge. The national resale conference is a great place to begin.

Reason #2 Build industry relationships

Usually, brainstorming with other resale shops near you is impossible. However, the NARTS conference puts you in touch with shop owners from all over North America. You’ll have the opportunity to freely ask questions, discuss policy and pick the brains of others. Plus, the relationships you’ll form will last a lifetime. Often, when disaster strikes a resale store, it’s fellow NARTS members who rush to their aid. If a member is in need of advice, encouragement or just a place to vent, the NARTS Facebook group provides an outlet. If for no other reason, join NARTS to build a network of like-minded people around you.

Part of the team at the national resale conference 2017

Part of Team Traxia at last year’s NARTS conference

Reason #3 Traxia will be there

Of course there are things to learn and friends to make, but your #1 reason for attending should be to meet us! Team Traxia is passionate about the secondhand industry. Not only do we offer a great POS system, we’re interested in helping your business and educating the industry as a whole too. In fact, this year, I’ll be teaching a class titled, “Building Your Professional Brand.” I’ll show you how branding is more than just a logo and a sign. At Traxia, we believe we’re stronger as an industry when we partner and work together. That’s why the national resale conference is right for you.


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