15 Holiday Hashtags for Your Consignment Store

Hashtags are a thing of the present, if you’re posting on Instagram and not using hashtags you’re doing it wrong. Hashtags have endless benefits such as increasing engagement, joining trending topics, content categorization, and reach new audiences. On Instagram, a lot of hashtags are encouraged, the optimal amount per post is 11. Although the actual max is 30 there is no need to use that many. Now that I have stated the importance of hashtags, here are 15 holiday hashtags for your consignment store:

15 Holiday Hashtags for Your Consignment Store

#thanksgiving (20 million)

#blackfriday (17 million)

#smallbusinessaturday (2 million)

#cybermonday (2 million)

#givingtuesday (1 million)

#holidays (69 million)

#holidayseason (8 million)

#holidayshopping (1 million)

#happyholidays (16 million)

#merrychristmas (50 million)

#happychristmas (2 million)

#christmasgifts (6 million)

#boxingday (2 million)

#happynewyear (47 million)

#nye (10 million)

There are a ton of hashtags you can use, however the ones I rounded up are the biggest hashtags. Use those 15 holiday hashtags for your consignment store this holiday season and add more. Take a look at the hashtags your competitors or other similar stores use to keep track of hashtags that are trending. You can also do your own research, start searching hashtags and see how big they are. Even if they aren’t very popular they can help you reach your audience. There is no harm in trying out new hashtags, explore and play around with them.

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Are you using consignment store hashtags correctly?

Just what are consignment store hashtags and how do I use them?

Today, successful social media campaigns all use hashtags. What is a hashtag, you ask? Simply put, it’s a marketing phrase. One word made from a few words without spaces in between. Include the pound sign (#) in front and you have a hashtag. To reach a wider audience and market specific products, include hashtags on everything. If your account is public, anyone who searches for that hashtag will find you. Consignment store hashtags are especially beneficial and here’s why.

What does a hashtag do?

Consignment store Hashtags form a stream from your shop to a pool of potential shoppersThe hashtag originally began with Twitter, but it’s used on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook too. Think of it as a stream. Based on the word you create, your message flows into a pool of potential buyers. It’s the easiest way to publicly categorize your consignment merchandise for shoppers.

Why do you need consignment store hashtags?

Every shopper knows what to expect when they walk into a Walmart. The same can’t be said for their local consignment shop. Since your merchandise is often a one-off, you’ve got to get the word out easily about new items. Shoppers use hashtags to search for items. Consignment store hashtags let you connect with people who are interested in the specific items you currently have to sell. Plus, a business hashtag doubles as a subtitle.

Be very specific

According to Hootsuite, in order to grab the attention of a shopper, your hashtags should be as specific as possible. Let’s say you have scarves for sale. Don’t just use the hashtag, #scarf. Use the hashtag #VintageHermesScarf instead. A detailed hashtag targets the shopper looking for specific merchandise. When a potential buyer enters Hermes scarf into a Twitter search, yours will be one of the listings that pops up. It isn’t always necessary to create your own hashtag either. Search for the item you’re selling first and see what popular hashtags are already being used. When you use popular hashtags, your merchandise will be found faster.

Make it simple

Don’t create long or complicated hashtags. If there are too many words in your hashtag, chances are no one else will be typing it in. Use 2 to 4 words at the most. Consignment store hashtags should be easy to remember and to the point. Read them carefully before posting them. Capitalize each new word so that the hashtag is easier to read. To avoid looking like spam, refrain from adding more than 3 hashtags to a Twitter post and no more than 7 on Instagram. Make sure they all relate to one another.

Building your brand through consignment store hashtags

Consignment store hashtags help to build your brandCreate a special hashtag that defines your store. Like Nike’s #JustDoIt, a hashtag is a secondary tagline that tells more about you. You can create one for a special sale, one-time event or just building your brand. Before you start publicly using the hashtag, make sure you do your research. At Traxia, we use the hashtag #ResaleInTheCloud. It tells what we do and helps to build our brand. Some hashtags have a negative connotation however. There are even banned hashtag words. You’ll be surprised at the list for 2018 which includes such words as #desk, #gloves and even #like. Don’t use the same hashtags over and over. Keep them fresh. Watch to see which ones get greater engagement. For a little more in-depth hashtag information, read Hubspot’s article, How to Use Hashtags on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.