3 consignment store shopping trends this holiday

Accenture’s Annual Holiday Shopping Survey lists family, the environment and gift cards as the top concerns for 2019. As topics like “sustainability” and the “circular economy” become popular, so will consignment store shopping. Be sure to have what this year’s shoppers are looking for.

Holiday shoppers still want the in-store experience

Brick-and-mortar stores are clearly alive and well. Package theft or “porch piracy” is making consumers wary of ordering online. Accenture’s survey reported 78% of respondents were taking steps to avoid becoming a victim. Luckily for small businesses, in-store shopping is one way to combat theft. Furthermore, a full 54% of shoppers stated browsing through stores gives them gift-giving “inspiration.” Delight every customer who comes through your door with the sightssmells and sounds of Christmas. Remember, there is less than a month from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Experts anticipate the top holiday shopping day for 2019 will be Shop Small Saturday!

Shoppers care about the environment

Younger consumers care about the carbon footprint of companies. They want the company they purchase from to be transparent. According to the State of Fashion 2019, almost 90% of Generation Z consumers feel companies need to be concerned about the environment and social issues. The survey reported, “Rental, resale and refurbishment models lengthen the product lifecycle while offering the newness consumers desire.” The most sustainable, transparent and eco-friendly business by far is resale. It’s one more reason consignment store shopping is slated to become bigger than fast fashion by 2028. This holiday season, shout your “sustainability” friendliness. Educate shoppers how resale has been a part of the circular economy from the start.

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Have the gifts they’re looking for

The acceptance of consignment store shopping is here. Accenture stated, “nearly half (48%) of survey respondents said they would consider giving second-hand clothing as gifts, and even more—56%—said they would welcome gifts of this kind for themselves.” As in years past, gift cards and clothing hold top spots for holiday gift-giving. Remember, shoppers (especially Millennials) buy for every member of their family, including their pets. As a result, you’d be wise to add a few pet items for the holidays too. For the kids, offer impulse items such as toys, candy and beauty products for stockings. Consignment store shopping isn’t just for others. The average shopper spends over $100 on themselves during the holidays. Provide plenty of small extras for guilt-free personal shopping.

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