Celebrating Easter the Team Traxia way

Team Traxia had the privilege of serving the kids of Coyote Hill Children’s Home

Last Friday, most of Team Traxia headed to Harrisburg, MO. This little town is where you’ll find Coyote Hill Children’s Home. For almost 3 decades, Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home has given abused and neglected children “A Safe Place To Be A Child.” Through licensed counselors and full-time Home Parents, the children of Coyote Hill are ensured a safe and healthy place to grow, learn, laugh and love. Team Traxia was honored to be a part of the Hill’s Easter celebration.

Hiding the Easter eggs

Joseph is an "eggcellent" hiderWith over 1,000 eggs to hide, we had our work cut out for us. We divided into teams to hide eggs for the different age groups. Children as young as 4 up to 16 year-old teens were egg hunting.

Guerry is a member of Team TraxiaWe hid them in fields, on top of a dirt mound and in an enormous brush pile. Coyote Hill will be finding Easter eggs for months to come!

David is a Developer on Team Traxia

The day was chilly and very breezy. Easter eggs blew out of trees and off of logs. No telling where they wound up. It took our Team over an hour to hide them all. Titus has been sneaking the candy

Deb is the Marketing Coordinator for Traxia

The Hunt Begins!

Once everyone gathered, the hunt began. Kids ran everywhere! It was so fun to hear them yell, “I found an egg!”Teens at Coyote Hill begin their search Bags bulging with Easter eggs, the children ran back to show their Home Parents.

The Bar-B-Que

Team Traxia treated everyone to hot dogs and hamburgers after the hunt. Our Founder, Joe, was the master griller. It was wonderful to be a blessing to such an amazing ministry.

The 3 amigosThe perfect way to spend the day

If you’d like to know more about Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home, we invite you to take a closer look.

The Team with family and friends at the Hill

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