3 Ways To “Pumpkin” Spice Up Your Consignment Store This Fall

It’s time to break out your most comfortable sweater and fall scented candle, autumn is here. Fall is an exciting time, the weather is changing, the leaves are turning red, and Halloween is right around the corner. With the arrival of a new season, everyone is ready to restock their closet with cardigans, sweaters, and boots. The New York Times‘s Penelope Green wrote the article “The Age of Consignment” highlighting the shortening life spans of items and speaking about the biggest names in consignment. We truly are in the age of consignment. With the rise of Facebook Marketplace and similar stores, consignment is now widely accepted.  The global pandemic also played a big part in this realization. This only means it is the perfect time to market on consignment. Here are 3 ways to “pumpkin” spice up your consignment store this fall.

#1 Spice up your consignment store this fall with sweater sales

We all love sweaters, whether they’re oversized or fit just right they are the ultimate fall piece. This fall, spice things up with sweater deals such as buy one get one half off. This deal gets me every time, I end up buying more because the deal urges me to seize the opportunity. Take a look at what your competition and surrounding shops are doing as well. You must know what you’re competing against to have a fair fight. Feel free to use this graphic we made!

Spice Up Your Consignment Store This Fall

#2 Spice up your consignment store this fall by encouraging consignment

The beauty of consignment is that every item is unique, not only that it is also fairly priced, unlike most popular stores. Your customers can still find trendy pieces for the fall at consignment shops and they won’t match every other girl or guy in town. This also gives the customer the opportunity to buy more with their money. Remind your customers that there is only one of everything, they can’t go home and think about it because it will be gone by the time they come back.

Spice Up Your Consignment Store This Fall

#3 Spice it up with fall decorations

As I was walking downtown during the weekend I caught myself being drawn to all the stores that decorated for fall in their big windows facing the street. This is such an easy way to attract people, like myself, who love the fall spirit. While you have the customer’s attention with your decor, promote your sales out there as well to complete the summoning of customers. You can find cute decorations anywhere you go, Walmart has many affordable options such as these plaid fabric pumpkins and fall maple leaf string lights that are sure to help your store look festive.

Spice Up Your Consignment Store This Fall

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