Sell Consignment Safely This Black Friday

November 10, 2020

We understand that 2020 has been a strange year full of adjustments. The holiday season is coming up and it will look much different than last year. It’s time to think outside of the box to keep everyone’s safety and comfort in mind. Due to COVID19 small stores need more support than ever, we have resources for your store to have a successful Black Friday weekend. Here are some ideas to sell consignment safely this Black Friday.

Special Discounts on Items for Black Friday

Special Discounts on Items for Black Friday

Do you have items that never sold or were returned? Now is the time to find those items a home! One idea is to have a spot in your store labeled and dedicated to great deals on these items. On Black Friday give them a great price and you will be sure to send those items away with a happy customer. Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor wrote about this idea. He encourages slashing the prices of the orphan pieces, the misfits, the returns, and the dogs. These are all items that didn’t sell, aren’t necessarily the current trend, or got returned.

Have an Event a Day

Small Business Saturday During Black Friday

This is an action-packed weekend:

With this many events, you can do something different every day! One idea is to have your store open for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, and Facebook Live auctions for Sunday and/or Monday. The days you have a Facebook Live auction, have a deep clean day at your store and let your customers know this is happening.

We know all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but Small Business Saturday is a less common event. It is a huge one though because its whole goal is to support America’s small businesses. American Express is supporting small businesses by offering free resources and marketing materials. That is a great resource to help you celebrate Shop Small Saturday which is meant to remind people to support their community.

Sell Consignment Safely on Black Friday using Facebook Live

Sell Consignment Safely on Black Friday using Facebook Live

SimpleConsign has the best feature for selling on Facebook Live this Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday. We have combined our Shopify plugin with LoyalShops to make selling consignment on Facebook Live easier. You do need our Shopify plugin, but the good news is all you need to sell successfully is your inventory. It’s time to get ready and make plans, consider a live auction for you and your customer’s safety. You can have your store open for one of the major days and closed for a live auction on the other. It all depends on which you prefer, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday. It’s a weird year but this gives your store versatility in order to have a safe Black Friday weekend.

SimpleConsign is also currently running a special from now until December 31st where all subscription charges from new customers and the difference in price for current customers who upgrade will be given to charity. This is your chance to expand your shop while paying it forward.

Have the Necessary Items to Sell Consignment Safely

Have the Necessary Items to Sell Consignment Safely

Your customers will be more comfortable coming out on Black Friday if they see you value their safety. Make sure to have masks and hand sanitizer right by your entrance. You can even go as far as to have someone greeting everyone at the front with hand sanitizer and masks.

Take some tape and mark the flow of traffic, tell your customers upon entering the rules of traffic and masks. Along with the direction customers should go in each aisle, you should also have signs to remind customers to be safe. Signs that encourage the use of masks and social distancing show effort and hopefully remind customers who might have gotten distracted.

Have lots of room for lines of customers waiting to pay. I am sure you will already have as many registers as you can, but come up with the most productive and safe line. Black Friday is a crazy day and customers won’t be as focused on following rules, it is your job to do your best when setting up your shop. Keep your store looking clean and smelling fresh to give them the best experience.

You can click here for more information on selling on Facebook Live and Small Business Saturday.

Paulette Squicimari