5 tips for dynamite resale flyers

August 14, 2015

Resale flyers used as bag stuffers reach your shoppers in a new way

Imagine a completely captive audience looking at your shop’s special advertising message. It’s bold, eye-catching, exciting and it’s at the bottom of their shopping bag. Herein lies the benefit of using dynamite resale flyers as bag stuffers. It’s one more touch with a shopper who’s already been in your shop. One more inexpensive way to bring shoppers in.

There are many reasons to use resale flyers. Whether you’re promoting an upcoming sale, celebrating an anniversary, offering a coupon or just because it’s September, use resale flyers to drive traffic back to your store. In my storied career in advertising, I spent a number of years writing direct mail pieces for an in-house agency for credit unions. I know, nothing could have been more exciting. Here are a few things I learned.

1.) Choose a Design Theme

  • Combine design elements like pictures and/or graphics (not clipart) as well as text because people are visually motivated differently.
  • Embrace color and bold designs. Use the “bleed” factor, where pictures literally run off the page.
  • Organize the page with boxes and/or borders, contrasting colors and lots of empty space to draw the eye to specific information.
  • Read The Visual Communication Guy for some great design tips for those who aren’t design savvy.

2.) Create “riveting” text

  • Grab the shopper’s attention with a catchy headline and if at all possible touch an emotion.
  • Make your text short and sweet.
  • Give only the most relevant information. Whenever possible use or imply the word “you.”
  • Provide as much contact information as you reasonably can.
  • Less is more when creating flyers. No more than two opposing typefaces and never use all caps.
  • And, by the way, bullet points are also a plus.
  • Be very clear about what you want the shopper to do.
  • Give specific deadlines and limitations.
  • Use active rather than passive words

 4.) Spend a little extra for quality

  • Appearance and first impressions are everything.  A quality flyer says you are a quality business.
  • When possible, don’t skimp on colors or the type of paper.
  • Save money by spending a little more on interesting paper and then printing everything in varying shades of one color.

 5.) Proofread!!!

  • Never underestimate the power of what’s in your head not being what’s on the paper.
  •  If you’re the one who has written it, you’re probably not the one who should proofread it.

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