5 simple tips to increase store sales

February 20, 2015

Some quick and easy changes that will increase store sales

I recently signed up for an HGTV/diy online newsletter titled “Weekend Projects.” It’s really more of a fantasy than reality. I just can’t seem to find the time at home, but they always have some great ideas. It got me thinking about some quick and easy projects you could do at your shop to increase store sales. Perhaps you’ll be better at finding the time than I am.

An enticing checkout

Take a good look at your Point of Sale (POS) area.  Do you offer smaller, impulse items for sale? This is the fastest way to increase store sales. Whether you’re offering jewelry and accessories at a clothing store, wood cleaning products at a furniture store or small toys at a children’s shop, make sure you take advantage of this captive audience.  Change it up so regular shoppers are always surprised.

Eye level means important

When a store wants to sell its most important items quickly, they are always placed at eye level. Whether it’s shelving or wall racks, make sure you’ve placed them at a median height. Apartment Therapy lists the average human eye level as 57″ from the floor.

Never say, “Don’t Touch”increase store sales by letting them touch

With the ever increasing e-commerce market, brick and mortar shops must take full advantage of letting customers experience the merchandise (one thing they can’t do online). The woman’s clothing store, Von Maur, even went so far as to encourage touching with signs stating, “Please touch the merchandise…you’ll love it!” If your clothing racks are stuffed or your furniture is crammed together, there will be less opportunity for shoppers to touch and therefore less sales to be made.

Color me sky blue

Something as simple as buying a gallon of paint and changing a wall color can make a big difference in increasing store sales. Business Insider lists reds, oranges and yellows as colors that draw shoppers into your store. Blues and greens on the inside encourage them to shop more. To attract impulse shoppers,  Kissmetrics says use black, red orange or royal blue. To gain shoppers on a budget, paint your bargain wall teal or navy blue. Clothing stores can appeal to traditional shoppers with pink, sky blue and rose.

Oh that sweet soundMusical notes

Several studies have been done on the effects of sound on the shopping experience. Studies show that slow music makes people shop leisurely and spend more. Loud music hurries them through the store and doesn’t affect sales. Classical music will encourage more expensive purchases.


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