How to Bring More Customers Into Your Consignment Store — 5 Simple Steps

January 14, 2021

The age-old question, how to bring more customers into your consignment store? Although there are many different ways you can attempt to do this, I have gathered 5 simple steps to get you started. Play around with these ideas and see what works for your consignment store.

Alert customers about new inventory

Bring More Customers Into Your Consignment Store

Shopping, in general, is all about timing but even more so with consignment shopping. Everyone wants to get there right when consignment stores restock because that means there is more opportunity to find the perfect merchandise before anyone else does. Whether you’re located in-store or online, be sure to have a way of contacting your customers to let them know about new inventory. This can be done in many ways such as social media posts, emails, and text messages. 

Be sure to keep your social media updated, new shoppers may do a little research before visiting your store. Weekly emails and texts are where you can grab your regular shoppers, a little update on inventory will increase the relationship you have with that customer. Work on setting up pre-made or scheduled emails and texts so that you are prepared.

Come up with a slogan for your shop

Every shop has something unique to offer and that needs to be marketed. Come up with a slogan that represents what your shop is all about. A slogan allows people to know what they can find at your shop. Your slogan is important because it’s an excellent way to represent your area. There are many huge brands we know that are synonymous with their product such as how we Google things rather than look them up. Of course, that is a big stretch but many brands have marketed so well they have accomplished this. Use this tactic to bring customers into your consignment store, become THE consignment store in your community.

As an online shop, this is just as important. Take The RealReal as an example, they have grown so much and people know they can head there for luxury consignment. The RealReal also did this by becoming a major advocate for fast fashion. Getting involved in a good cause whether it is a local issue or a global one is the best good publicity. Shopping small and/or local is already great for the community and it’s even better when that shop is involved in the community. This is key when developing your store’s reputation.

Make connections

Collaborate with other local businesses in a way that benefits your customer. If you own a clothing consignment store, form a partnership with local salons, coffee shops, dry cleaners, and anything else that applies. Furniture consignment shops can collaborate with local interior design shops, home improvement shops, moving companies, and much more. The goal is to bring more customers into their shop and vice versa, you can really help each other out rather than becoming rival shops. Another shop’s recommendation may really help your shop as well, they have their own clientele that may become yours. This is an affordable way to grow your customer base while forming a relationship with the people in your community.

Social networking

Bring More Customers Into Your Consignment Store

Social media is where the two ideas before can be represented well. People may hear about your shop and want to see what it’s all about. They might search for your shop online and be lead to your social media. Here they will see what you have to offer. Create an aesthetically pleasing online environment for your audience, this can be easily done by being consistent. Find the “theme” of your social media, such as a specific filter you will use for all of your images. This makes your site look put together to impress your audience. We also have TikTok now which is a huge platform for the younger generation and if you know anything about marketing, you know targeting a younger audience creates a long-lasting relationship. People of all ages use this app and I see so many entrepreneurs grow from just their TikTok platform.

Paying for sponsored ads on social media is important for both in-store and online shops. It’s an easy way to gain some traction on your social media and bring attention to those who don’t know about your shop. You can track your social networking using Google Analytics to make sure you are spending your time and energy wisely.

Start a blog

Bring More Customers Into Your Consignment Store

Aside from social media, create a blog as well. Especially for online shops, this is a great way to attract customers. Find your niche that goes along with what your shop sells and start writing. Write a weekly blog and promote it on your socials. There are many topics you can cover to gain an audience such as speaking about being an entrepreneur, tips on getting started, and what you wish you would have known. If you own a furniture consignment store give decoration advice, furniture care tips, and talk about different interior design styles. Remember, it’s your platform you don’t have to be an expert to speak on a topic. You might surprise yourself.

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Paulette Squicimari