10 Steps To Improve Consignment Email Marketing

September 13, 2018

This post is updated from August, 2015

Ramp up your consignment email marketing for 4th quarter

I know this doesn’t apply to my engaging emails, but let’s be honest. How many of you woke up this morning and thought, “Gee, I hope I have 100 new emails in my inbox today!”? No one. My index finger gets worn out by the constant Delete, Delete, Delete. You need effective consignment email marketing and I’ve got 10 ideas to help.

  1. Segment your list

    Gone are the days of doing email blasts where you send the same message to all 62,352 people on your email list. Since we are bombarded daily by advertising, we’ve become very good at tuning out messages that don’t catch us quickly. Divide your list into groups such as your top 20 customers, shoppers who attended a special event, younger customers or customers who only buy a specific brand, etc. The more specific your list, the more relevant your message.

  2. A strong subject line

    Let’s face it, you have 6 seconds to grab my attention. Put some thought into your subject line. Short and catchy. Experts say “How to…” emails or numbered lists have the greatest open rate. Create urgency. Never use ALL CAPS.

  3. Be personal

    Use the right email address for consignment email marketingSend your emails from your name not just your business. As you will see in #4, the goal of consignment email marketing is to build relationship. By sending your emails with your name, you are putting yourself out there as a real person rather than a business. Choose betty@myconsignmentstore.com vs. info@myconsignmentstore.com.

  4. Build relationship

    Shoppers add their email address to your list because they want something in return. Your goal should be to “improve” the life of the email recipient. Whether it’s saving them money, making them smarter or entertaining them, make sure you’re offering something of value. Whenever possible, generate emails using the receiver’s first name (this always boosts the open rate) and use conversational language. Your goal is to be a friend helping a friend.

  5. Remember company branding

    Emails coming from your shop should be immediately recognizable. Your email style and design should always have regular elements like your logo, your address and phone number in a consistent location and a recognizable color scheme. Read 6 tips to build your secondhand store’s brand to get a few more ideas.

  6. A definitive call-to-action

    There should be no doubt in the reader’s mind what action you’re wanting them to take. If it involves redeeming a coupon, make it very clear they must print it off and bring it in. If it’s time sensitive, make sure those dates are bold and stated several times. Always provide a way for you to be contacted if there are any questions.

  7. Use images 

    Don't use stock photos in consignment email marketing

    Some of our Developers have gone where no Developer has gone before.

    Studies show that emails with images always generate more interest. Use an image of your shop or salespeople to once again build a relationship with the reader. Ask shoppers if you can use their image along with the merchandise they’ve just purchased. It doesn’t matter how professional they look. Your images are always more appealing than a stock photo. (Note to self: you did use a couple of stock photos in this post)

  8. Send them at the appropriate time

    Knowing the exact time an email should be sent can be the trickiest part. You have to know your audience. Are they employed full-time? Then, I wouldn’t send them at 9 am so they are buried with multiple emails. Are they stay-at-home moms? Then, sending them in the afternoon either during nap time or before the kids come home may be the best. It’s trial and with a lot of error.

  9. Keep mobile in mind

    Now, more than ever, shoppers are using their cell phones to check their emails. Use a single-column layout. Keep messages concise and use only one image at a time.

  10. Send the same message more than once

    If your emails are personable, something I’m interested in and offer me value, I am thrilled to see them in my inbox more than 1 or 2 times. In fact, I need those reminders so I’ll show up in your shop at the right time.

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